Department Coordinator

Old Main, 210


As the department coordinator, Jan serves as the first point of contact for the English department assisting students and the community with information or redirecting them to the most appropriate resources. Jan works with the department chair to coordinate all activities in the English department and has been with the department since fall 2011. Jan oversees all English department events, guest speakers and seminars, manages the budgets, and supports the work of student groups in the department. Jan also hires and supervises the department’s student employees. She works closely with other departments on campus, including the Alumni, Career Development, and Communications Offices, to help provide the best experiences for students while on campus and help prepare them for their experiences beyond Macalester.

Jan is a graduate level licensed Social Worker and has worked in areas such as youth and family crisis intervention, parenting education, and adoption. Jan also worked as the Enrollment Coordinator, Event Planner, and Student Activities Coordinator at a local charter school before joining the Macalester English Department. Jan lives in the Macalester/Groveland neighborhood and is the parent of four children in various stages of their educational experience which has been very helpful in making her feel at home in the Macalester College community.