Prototype Test

  • Prototype test will be conducted by one tech judge before the presentation.
  • Team members must be in their room at the scheduled time.
  • All coding and prototyping must be done by this time.
  • Testing takes 10 minutes and the tech judge will check your coding, prototype, and/or demo and score based on the criteria at the bottom of this page.

Prototype Test Criteria

We are looking for prototypes that are “realistic” in respect to a real world situation in which they would have to pitch to real investors. That is, the technology is strong enough to make a solution promising and the team is strong enough and has a plan that inspires confidence in the team’s ability to achieve their goals. An MVP consists of the simplest version of a solution that is sufficient to demonstrate the intended use cases and test a solution’s ability to solve real users’ pain points. Thanks to Macathon alumni Francesco Nutricado ‘17 and Marcio Lima Porto ‘17 for their work on this.

MVP-Complete Scale: 10 points

MVP Tech Completeness Points
The team’s idea requires a technological piece (should be true for all teams, not necessarily code), but your team does not have a plan to achieve it. 0
You have a “credible” and detailed plan to complete the technology piece of your solution. You can articulate what general category of software you need. (“We will build a mobile app.”) 2
You can articulate the general architecture and major subsystems of your software. (“We will need a mobile client, a server with a database, and external APIs to provide weather conditions and widget colors.”) 3
You have a proof of concept. 5
You have a detailed plan, you built a piece of your final solution with the right technologies. This “piece” can be used as a demonstration of your solution and will be part of your final product (It is not to be scratched and done in a completely different way after Macathon). 7
You built a working MVP of your technology with at least one use case appropriately satisfied. This solution is potentially scalable to the size of your target customers/audience. (It is not to be scratched and done in a completely different way after Macathon). 10