The Live It Fund empowers students filled with hope and drive to transform their ideas into action to change the world for good.

The Live It Fund funds students who identify an opportunity or problem and propose an innovative solution. Since 2010, the Live It Fund provides funding for projects with awards ranging from $500-$2000 in J-Term, followed by an opportunity to apply for summer funding of up to $10,000. Macalester students continue to inspire us with their passion, creativity, and incredible embodiment of global citizenship.

The Live It Fund program for the upcoming 2021 summer session has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

This is not the end of the Live It Fund, but rather a brief pause. For 10 years, the Live It Fund has proven to be an opportunity for Macalester students to turn hope into action. It will certainly continue to do so in the future Stay tuned for updates on how to apply for future Live It Fund sessions.