• Jody Emmings

    Jody Emmings

    Interim Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Pronouns: she/her
    Library 267

    Jody Emmings manages operations through designing and implementing strategies related to programming and all entrepreneurial initiatives. Jody also leads the vision of the Idea Lab to be a community hub of creativity, experimentation and innovation, collaborating with students, faculty and departments across campus. Prior to coming to Macalester, Jody worked at the Pohlad Family Foundation. A certified welder and visual artist, Jody owns a small business called Hot House Metal where she creates custom architectural metalwork. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, tending her backyard chickens and biking the streets of her St. Paul neighborhood.

  • Abbie Anderson

    Abbie Anderson

    Administrative Coordinator for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    Library 229

    I serve as the Administrative Coordinator for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department. Within that role I lead all administrative processes for programs, events, student staff, the Idea Lab and general department needs as well as promoting efficient operations of the department. I graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas in 2016 working in different roles within both private and public accounting for 5 years. After gaining experience and useful skills within the world of business, I am eager to apply my knowledge to a role that supports students trying to change the status quo of that business world through creativity, innovation and risk taking! In my free time I can be found doing practically any outdoor activity, reading, cooking, hitting a brewery patio or playing with my dog Benji. I love the sense of adventure that traveling and experiencing new places provides, but I am most comfortable in my cozy home in Highland Park.

  • Romi Dehler

    Romi Dehler ’14

    Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    Pronouns: she/her
    Library 229

    I am happy to be serving in the role of Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through this role, I support E&I programming, find volunteer opportunities and other ways to connect alumni, provide direction to E&I social media and assist with Alumni and Parent Engagement department initiatives. A long title for a lot of exciting work that allows me to utilize my skills and passion for community building and event planning. As a student at Macalester, I majored in Music with a minor in Political Science. I received a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs from the University of South Florida in 2017. Outside of the office, I love visiting coffee shops, reading Scandinavian crime novels, dabbling in writing for fun and watching tennis.

E&I/Idea Lab Student Staff

  • Aberdeen Morrow
    I love that the Idea Lab is a mindful space to explore things we don’t think we’re good at. I’m here to help share and maintain the Idea Lab as a place to unleash creativity and release stress, to brainstorm and innovate, to befriend others and to re-center yourself, and to create whatever you need—a collage, social change, or anything in between.
  • Roon Mahboub
    Hi! I’m Roon, and I am a senior majoring in Chemistry from Willmar, MN. One of my favorite things about the Idea Lab is witnessing how different students use the same resources to make totally different things. The Idea Lab has a lot of resources I didn’t know existed before working here, so if you would like to know how the Idea Lab can help, let me know!
  • Kaitie BrownKaitie Brown
    Hi! I’m Kaitie and I’m originally from Lincoln, NE. I’m currently in my senior year at Macalester and studying Political Science, International Studies and Spanish.
  • Saby Cortez
    I love to create new things and I love to see other people do the same! The Idea Lab is an amazing space to be as creative as you want with people who are doing the same.
  •  Anna Keefe
    Hi! My name is Anna, and I am from just across the river in Minneapolis. I am a sophomore here at Macalester, and I plan on majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I’m so excited to be back on campus this fall to spend in-person time in classes and the Idea Lab.
  • Grace LinGrace Lin
    Hello, I’m Grace and I’m from New York City! I’m pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Psychology. I love to create things whether that is digital designs or physical objects such as origamis or felt flowers. I am always looking for ways to expand my creative horizon which is why I love the Idea Lab because it’s always surrounded by curious and creative people. I often find myself being inspired by the work and ideas that my peers and staff create.
  • Amanda WongAmanda Wong
    Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m an Art and Media and Cultural Studies major. I love the Idea Lab very much. It’s the quintessential place for me to begin hatching my ideas. At the end of the day my ideas don’t always work out, but it beats sitting around on them.
  • Tyler SanchezTyler Sanchez
    Hi my name is Tyler (he/him) and a sophomore studying psychology and media + culture studies! I help run the social media for the idea lab and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things everyone makes! In my free time I love doing digital and film photography.
  • Maksim Smith
    Hey! I’m Maksim and I am a sophomore from Lawrence, Kansas. I am undeclared as of yet, but I’m leaning towards International Studies, History, and German. I look forward to finally being in-person in the Idea Lab and helping the creative and curious who wander in!
  • MeiraMeira Smit
    Yo! My name is Meira Smit, I’m from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where love to frolick in nature! I always have an artistic project I’m doing so I’m very excited to be in the Idea Lab working with creative people!
  • OriOri Friesen
    Hi, I’m Ori and I’m from Portland, OR! I’m currently a freshman here at Macalester and although I’m undecided right now, I’ll probably be double majoring in physics and computer science. I’m super excited to help people with their creative and innovative projects at the Idea Lab this year!
  • Sivali Bhandary
  • MelissaMelissa Ballin-Cardona
    Hey! My name is Melissa but I also go by Mel, either works. I come from Atlanta, Ga. I’m a freshman planning on taking the pre-med route and majoring in Biology. I love both the arts and sciences! Creating is something anyone can do but nobody can do it the same as someone else, I think that is what is so unique about it. I am super excited to meet new people and help facilitate their creative flow in any way I can!
  • Heaji KangHeaji Kang
    Hey, my name is Heaji and I am a junior from Buford, Georgia. I love the Idea Lab because it provides students the opportunity to further explore their creative outlets. I can’t wait to help incoming students with their projects!
  • CeilCeil Maus-Conn
    Hi! I’m Ceil, a sophomore from St. Cloud, MN. I absolutely love arts and crafts and specialize in making a big mess (and cleaning it up, of course :)). I’m so excited to be a part of this creative space!
  • Arushi NairArushi Nair
    Hi! My name is Arushi Nair, I am a sophomore from Chicago and I’m a German and International Studies double-major. I love to learn, create and experiment in the Idea Lab and am excited help others do the same!