• Kate Ryan Reiling

    Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Library 266


    Kate Ryan Reiling ’00 was named Macalester College’s inaugural Entrepreneur-in-Residence in 2015 and is responsible for the strategic direction of entrepreneurial programs within the Macalester community.  In this role, Kate leverages her 20 years of experience scaling early stage ventures and strategic leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. She creates and supports processes that build innovative solutions to solve problems that matter. Kate founded and led the creative board game company, Morphology Games, from its inception in 2009 through successful license in 2012, during which time it won numerous awards including Time Magazine’s #2 Toy of the Year.  Kate graduated from Macalester with a BA in political science cum laude. While at Macalester, Kate was a three-time All-American soccer player and national champion.  In 2010, she was named to the NCAA Division III Silver Anniversary Teams and celebrated as one of the top 11 players in the history of women’s Division III soccer.  Kate received her MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University where she was recipient of the Arnold F. Adams, Jr. Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. She lives in South Minneapolis with her husband and her most recent start-up idea: a toddler named Acadia.

  • Jody Emmings

    Jody Emmings

    Program Manager of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Library 267

    Jody Emmings manages operations through designing and implementing strategies related to programming and all entrepreneurial initiatives. Jody also leads the vision of the Idea Lab to be a community hub of creativity, experimentation and innovation, collaborating with students, faculty and departments across campus. Prior to coming to Macalester, Jody worked at the Pohlad Family Foundation. A certified welder and visual artist, Jody owns a small business called Hot House Metal where she creates custom architectural metalwork. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, tending her backyard chickens and biking the streets of her St. Paul neighborhood.  Pronouns: she/her

  • Elice Brunnette

    Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement
    Library 229

    Elice Brunnette serves the liaison in developing a dynamic network of Macalester’s alumni entrepreneurs and innovators. In this position, Elice is committed to discovering new opportunities to support and celebrate entrepreneurship. Co-founding the Bear Coffeehouse and Wine Bar in 2012, Elice brings her own entrepreneurial experience to the role, as well as passion for community building. Outside of work, she loves outdoor recreation, canoeing specifically, and painting animal portraits of all sorts.


E&I/Idea Lab Student Staff

  • Aberdeen Morrow
    I love that the Idea Lab is a mindful space to explore things we don’t think we’re good at. I’m here to help share and maintain the Idea Lab as a place to unleash creativity and release stress, to brainstorm and innovate, to befriend others and to re-center yourself, and to create whatever you need—a collage, social change, or anything in between.
  • Aidan Keefe
    I love using my hands to shape what is around me. Working in the Idea Lab gives me the opportunity to do that. This is a space where if you can think it you can do it and that is what I love.
  • Malini Basu
    I want to make the Idea Lab more inviting, less intimidating and open to everyone. I’m always willing to share tips on how to use materials or polish up a project. I’m especially handy with the sewing machines, so feel free to ask me for help!
  • Mphatso Simbao
    I like making things and learning as I make. Through working in the idea lab I got to help with a lot of fun projects while meeting interesting people both on and off campus to share thoughts with. I highly recommend working here and taking part in the departments programming as you learn a lot of valuable skills to help you both academically and for practical pursuits.
  • Yukeria Haywood
    Hi! My name is Yukeria Haywood and I am a senior International Studies and Anthropology double major. Outside of leading workshops and tinkering in the Idea Lab, I also am a member Women’s Soccer Team and teach a weightlifting class called Weightlifting for Women of Color. Ask me about: Raise A Hand, being a student athlete, or how to knit!
  • Roon Mahboub
    Hi! I’m Roon, and I am a junior majoring in Chemistry from Willmar, MN. One of my favorite things about the Idea Lab is witnessing how different students use the same resources to make totally different things. The Idea Lab has a lot of resources I didn’t know existed before working here, so if you would like to know how the Idea Lab can help, let me know!
  • Kaitie Brown
    Hi! I’m Kaitie and I’m originally from Lincoln, NE. I’m currently in my junior year at Macalester and studying Political Science, International Studies and Spanish.
  • Saby Cortez
    I love to create new things and I love to see other people do the same! The Idea Lab is an amazing space to be as creative as you want with people who are doing the same.
  • Neshua Aguilar
    I thoroughly enjoy surrounding myself with creative people but more so encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone, and explore their artistic minds. The Idea Lab is the perfect place for those in search of creative incentives, and I am more than grateful to help anyone seeking entrepreneurial and/or artistic inspiration.
  • Alex Thomas
    Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a junior from Kerala, India. I love working with physical and digital materials, whether it’s drawing in charcoal or designing a building in CAD or fixing a bike or coding a website. The Idea Lab represents a side of creativity that’s free and fluid and constantly growing, and I enjoy helping people realize that part of their own creative practice as well! Art and design have an important role in our futures, so I’m always thinking of how we integrate values of sustainability and care for the environment in our journeys as creatives.
  • Anna Keefe
    Hi! My name is Anna and I am so excited to be part of the Idea Lab team. I am a first-year student and I plan to study Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality as well as Spanish. Some of my hobbies include painting, drawing, listening to music, and spending time with my friends.
  • Cami Stillwell
    I’m passionate about helping others tap into their creative side, realize their capabilities, and pursue their passions. I love photography, music, design, and anything hands-on. I’m always looking for collaborative and creative solutions to pesky problems, so I’m excited to hear your ideas! If you can’t find me in the Idea Lab, I’m probably at a nearby coffee shop.
  • Justin Anderson
    Hi, I’m Justin. I am a sophomore and Geology Major from Minnetonka, MN. In my spare time, I love to draw, sew, plan out an extensive scifi universe for my stories, and make drink coasters out of recycled plastic. I have some entrepreneurship experience, having ran Sigma’s Bookshelf, a free publishing company for teen authors, while I was in high school. I am currently working on setting up an art business now for my coasters. I’m excited to tinker, create, and bring my experiences to the Idea Lab this year!
  • Long Nguyen
    I love using art to communicate my thoughts and to better my life and the community around me. Idea Lab has been a place for me to create, learn, exchange ideas and make meaningful connections.
  • Maksim Smith
    I am a freshman originally from Lawrence, KS, with a drive to learn and to create. I love learning new skills, applying those new skills, and helping ideas become reality. I look forward to learning more about Macalester and the Twin Cities while helping to foster an open and friendly environment where creativity can flourish with the Idea Lab.
  • Sivali Bhandary
    I call the Idea Lab ‘my hub’ on campus because I always find myself gravitating towards the creative and exploratory energy of this space. There are no limitations to one’s curiosity and imagination and I love how the Idea Lab helps brings that out in people. Immersing myself in its vibrant environment is not only exciting but also inspiring. Remote or in-person, I’m confident that the spirit of this space will continue creating room for open ended expression for the Mac community.
  • Tyler SanchezHi! I’m Tyler Sanchez, a first year from the suburbs of Chicago, and I’ll be covering the social media aspect of the Idea Lab! I love photography and videography, and I really hope to share as many resources as possible so you can reach your creative endeavors!