Presentations take place at 12 noon, Olin-Rice Room 250

Title Date Type of Presentation Description
“Rachel Carson” 2/4/99 Video PBS documentary on Rachel Carson’s life.
“Sea Soldiers” 2/11/99 Video Documentary on the use of marine mammals by the military worldwide.
“Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise” 2/18/99 Video National Geographic documentary on the effect of exotic species in the Hawaiian Islands.
“Iceman” 2/25/99 Video NOVA documentary on the frozen human from the Bronze Age found in the Alps, from an environmental perspective.
“Biosphere 2” 3/4/99 Speaker: William C. Harris Activities and opportunities at Columbia University’s Biosphere 2 in Arizona.
“Amazon Deforestation” 3/11/99 Speaker: Current research at the Marine Biological Laboratory on global warming and the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.
“Dolphins with Robin Williams” 3/18/99 Video PBS documentary on current research in dolphin behavior hosted by Robin Williams.
“Warriors of the Amazon” 3/25/99 Video NOVA documentary about the Yanomami tribe in the Venezuelan Amazon.
“Affluenza” 4/8/99 Video KCTS/Oregon PBS production on how consumption patterns affect the environment.
“Namib: Africa’s Burning Shore” 4/15/99 Video Documentary on the Namib Desert in West Africa.
“Lead Poisoning” 4/22/99 Speaker: Herbert Needleman The history of lead pollution and its effects on children’s I.Q. and social behavior.
“Guide to Green Consumers” 4/29/99 Speaker: Michael Brower Latest studies on lifestyle patterns that affect environmental health.
“Imagery and Reality in the Amazon” 5/6/99 Speaker: Mariya Navazio How international environmental organizations have altered the reality of the Brazilian Amazon.