Chris Wells
Louisa Bradtmiller
Anika Bratt
Jerald Dosch
  • Jerald Dosch
  • Associate Professor of Biology (NTT) and Director, Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area
  • Terrestrial ecology and ornithology
  • 651-696-6187
Ann Esson
Dan Hornbach
Christie Manning
Marianne Milligan
Christine Sierra O’Connell
Roopali Phadke

Affiliated Faculty

Karín Aguilar-San Juan
Holly Barcus
  • Holly Barcus
  • DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography, Director of Asian Studies
  • Population, GIS, rural geography, ethnicity, identity and mobility
  • 651-696-6139
Ernesto Capello
  • Ernesto Capello
  • Professor of History and Latin American Studies
  • Andes, cultural history, art and architecture, transnationalism, cartography, transhemispheric imaginaries, urban history, colonial narratives and nostalgia, and Amazonia
  • 651-696-6772
Eric D. Carter
Stotra Chakrabarti
I-Chun Catherine Chang
Alan Chapman
Devavani Chatterjea
Amy Damon
  • Amy Damon
  • Associate Professor of Economics and Latin American Studies
  • Rural and agricultural development, economic development, education in developing countries, and Central America-U.S. migration
  • 651-696-6862
James Dawes
  • James Dawes
  • DeWitt Wallace Professor of English
  • American literature; countercultures; human rights; literary and language theory; violence and trauma; literature and philosophy.
  • 651-696-6809
James R. Doyle
Amy E. Elkins
  • Amy E. Elkins
  • Associate Professor of English
  • Modernism; 20th/21st-century British literature; Irish studies; Caribbean and diasporic literature; Art theory, archives & visual culture; Eco-studies; Queer theory and gender studies
  • 651-696-6515
Maria Fedorova
  • Maria Fedorova
  • Assistant Professor of History
  • Russian history, transnational history of food and agriculture
Xavier Haro-Carrión
Mary Heskel
  • Mary Heskel
  • Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Plant Ecophysiology, Plants and Climate Change, Ecosystem Ecology, Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
  • 651-696-6846
A. Kiarina Kordela
  • A. Kiarina Kordela
  • Professor and German Studies and Chair
  • Focuses on critical theory, philosophy, literature and literary theory, intellectual history, critical political economy, psychoanalysis, political theory, film theory, analysis of ideology, and biopolitics
  • 651-696-6524
Keith Kuwata
Gabriel E. Lade
Kelly R. MacGregor
Diane Michelfelder
Bill Moseley
  • Bill Moseley
  • DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography
  • Africa, political ecology, tropical agriculture, environment and development policy, and livelihood security
  • 651-696-6126
Juliette Rogers
Kirisitina Sailiata
Daniel Trudeau
  • Daniel Trudeau
  • Professor of Geography
  • Minority and ethnic group segregation, social welfare policy, local governance, and city planning
  • 651-696-6872
Sarah West
  • Sarah West
  • G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Economics and Chair
  • Public Finance, Environmental Economics, and Urban Economics
  • 651-696-6482