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Spring 2018

  • ENVI 394 – Environment, Health and Society (Prof. Roopali Phadke and Prof. Devavani Chatterjea)

Fall 2017

  • Prof. Roopali Phadke, Ellen Janda ’19, Kathryn Lund ’18, Ariana Lutze-Jahiel ’17, Julia Makayova ’18, and Mariah Shriner ’18 attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany.  Read their blog.

Fall 2016

  • ENVI 194 – Welcome to the Anthropocene (Prof. Roopali Phadke) – An exhibit brought to you by first-year students.

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

  • ENVI 335 – Science and Citizenship (Prof. Roopali Phadke)
    • Podcast by Jared Sousa ’17 – This podcast talks about the controversy around the research on marijuana and its classification as a Schedule 1 drug.
  • ENVI 488 – Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies (Prof. Chris Wells) – The seminar acted as consultants for the local group Community Power, which needed help adapting the educational content of its “Powerful Conversations” series—designed to teach people about how municipal energy utilities work and how everyday citizens can conceive and push for constructive change—for a broader, web-based audience. You can see their videos on the Community Power’s website and YouTube channel.

Fall 2014

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Summer 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

  • How to be a Sustainable Scot – Booklet written by Kai Bosworth ’10, Timothy Den Herder-Thomas ’09, Rob Jentsch ’10, Matt Kazinka ’11, Hannah Rivenburgh ’10, Jason Rodney ’10, David Seitz ’10, Terrence Steinberg ’11, Callie Thuma ’10, Austin Werth ’09, Hannah Wydeven ‘09

Summer 2008

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Spring 2004

  • ENVI 488 – Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Class –“Finding Love Through Local Food: A Guide to Sustainable Eating” – This book is a tool to help readers find healthy, responsible eating choices and to have fun in the process.