Environmental Studies majors are encouraged to study abroad, and our students have attended a wide variety of programs all over the world. From Denmark to New Zealand, Mongolia to Madagascar, the ES Department has worked with the Center for Study Away to identify programs that span a range of environmentally related disciplines and topics.

Start planning early

You don’t have to know where you want to study to begin thinking about how and where a semester away might fit within your academic program. Students are encouraged to talk with their advisors, familiarize themselves with the application process, and work with their Center for Study Away advisor.

Recommended Programs

Policy/Development Programs:

Program Country
Macalester/Pomona/Swarthmore:  Globalization, the Environment, and Society in Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa
DIS:  Danish Institute for Study Abroad Copenhagen, Denmark
HECUA:  New Zealand Culture and the Environment Wellington, NZ
SIT:  Geopolitics and the Environment Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
ACM:  Culture, Traditions and Globalization Pune, India
SIT:  Modernization and Social Change Amman, Jordan
SIT/IHP:  Cities of the 21st Century Comparative programs with various locations

Natural Sciences/Resources Programs:

Program Country
ACM:  Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
SIT:  Comparative Ecology and Conservation Galapagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador
SIT:  Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
SEA Semester:  Oceans and Climate Canary Islands, Spain
Woods Hole, MA, USA
ACM:  Ecology and Human Origins Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
SIT:  Modernization and Social Change Amman, Jordan
Direct Enroll: James Cook University Townsville or Cairns Australia