Dan Hornbach Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof. Dan HornbachJune 2017 – The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society was presented to Dan Hornbach. The citation read in part “for a lifetime of research on fingernail clams, Asiatic clams, gastropods, and unionids. In addition, Dan has educated hundreds of students at Macalester College, where he currently teaches courses on aquatic ecology and environmental science.”

Bicycle Friendly University Award

Bicycle Friendly University AwardNovember 2016 – Prof. Margot Higgins and her students received the Bicycle Friendly University award. Ellie Huhulin and Marlee Yost-Wolff ’19 filled out an extensive application for the award as an independent study with Margot last spring. Macalester is one of the only small schools that have received this recognition.

Prof. Roopali Phadke and Prof. Christie Manning Receive the 2015 Minnesota Climate Adaptation Award

Climate Adaptation Award Winners 2016

January 2016 – Congratulations to Prof. Roopali Phadke, Prof. Christie Manning, and their student research team for receiving the 2015 Minnesota Climate Adaptation Award which was presented by the Climate Adaptation Partnership.  These awards are designed to recognize and celebrate leadership, education, research policies, or practices that develop, advance, or implement climate adaptation strategies in Minnesota.  Professors Phadke and Manning won in the category of Institution.

Prof. Louisa Bradtmiller Receives Tenure

Louisa Bradtmiller

January 2015 – Congratulations to Prof. Louisa Bradtmiller who has been granted tenure.  Louisa is a climate scientist and started in the Environmental Studies Department in 2009.  She teaches the following courses:  The Earth’s Climate System; Climate and Society; Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy; Paleoclimate; and the Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies.

Prof. Dan Hornbach Selected as 2013 Janet Anderson Lecture Award Winner

Prof. Dan HornbachMay 2013 – Prof. Dan Hornbach was selected by the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science Executive Committee to be one of two winners of the 2013 Janet Anderson Lecture Award. Started in 2008, the award recognizes faculty members “who have a vigorous research program involving undergraduates, who are exceptional mentors for undergraduate research students, who are engaged and skilled teachers, or who create interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduate students.” Hornbach will present the Janet Anderson lecture this fall at the Biological Sciences and Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium, which will be held at Washington University in St. Louis. The award honors the memory of Dr. Janet Andersen who served as a teacher and scholar in the Mathematics Department at Hope College and the Midstates Consortium’s Director until her untimely death in 2005.

Prof. Roopali Phadke Wins the 2013 Jack and Marty Rossmann Excellence in Teaching Award

Prof. Roopali PhadkeApril 2013 – Prof. Roopali Phadke has been awarded the 2013 Jack and Marty Rossmann Excellence in Teaching Award that recognizes “a faculty member who has been identified by colleagues and students as exemplifying the teaching goals of Macalester College.”

Prof. Chris Wells Publishes Car Country: An Environmental History

Car Country: An Environmental HistoryJanuary 2013 – Prof. Chris Wells has recently published a book, Car Country: An Environmental History, with the University of Washington Press.


Prof. Chris Wells Receives Tenure

Prof. Chris Wells

January 2012 – Congratulations to Prof. Chris Wells who has been granted tenure.  Chris is an environmental historian and started in the Environmental Studies Department in 2005.  He teaches the following courses:  American Environmental History, Consumer Nation:  American Consumer Culture in the 29th Century, Environmental Justice, U.S. Urban Enironmental History, Imperial Nature:  The United States and the Global Environment, and Car Country:  The Automobile and the American Environment.

Prof. Christie Manning Receives 2011 Macalester Sustainability Award for Curricular Innovation

Prof. Christie Manning

November 2011 – The Education in the Classroom Task Force of the Macalester Sustainability Committee is pleased to announce that Christie Manning, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, received the 2011 Macalester Sustainability Award for Curricular Innovation. The task force unanimously selected Professor Manning for the award, which is presented to a faculty member whose curricular innovation “has most effectively influenced the way his or her students think about sustainability.” Nominators discussed the multiple ways in which Professor Manning’s ENVI 270: Psychology of Sustainable Behavior exemplifed the award. In addition to the honor of this recognition, Professor Manning will receive $1,000 from funds donated by Alfred N. Page.

Prof. Dan Hornbach Wins Thomas Jefferson Award

March 2011 – Congratulations to Prof. Dan Hornbach, who has received the 2011 Thomas Jefferson Award, honoring faculty members who best exemplify the principles and ideals of Thomas Jefferson. Hornbach was selected by a committee of past Jefferson Award winners. More

Prof. Roopali Phadke Receives Tenure

March 2011 – Congratulations to Prof. Roopali Phadke who has received tenure. Roopali started in the Environmental Studies Department in 2005 and teaches the following courses: Environmental Politics and Policy, Water and Power, Science and Citizenship, Sustainable Development and the Global Future, and Environmental Studies Leadership Seminar. More

Faculty Research & Courses

Prof. Christine Sierra O’Connell co-authored a new study about how coastal ecosystems respond to hurricanes in a new study of the ecological impacts of hurricanes. The team’s findings, reported in the March 2, 2022, issue of Science Advances, could help guide decision makers as they plan for climate change and aim to protect a coastal population threatened by tropical storms that are growing more intense and tracking farther north. Q&A with Professor O’Connell

Prof. Christie Manning aims to bring more attention to the rising issue of the negative effects on our mental health attributed to climate change. The report, entitled “Mental Health and our Changing Climate: Impacts, Inequities, and Solutions,” was commissioned by the American Psychological Association and ecoAmerica. More

Prof. Roopali Phadke and her three students share their experience working on a National Science Foundation project during the Summer of 2021 to study the U.S. Army Corps public engagement process around the future of the locks and dams in the Upper Mississippi basin. They studied the official process and also solicited public opinions. More

Prof. Roopali Phadke’s “Climate Talks: Dispatches from Paris” class attended the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11) in Paris from November 30 to December 4, 2015. Course website

Prof. Dan Hornbach worked with students Diane Rubin ’13 (Amherst, Mass.) and Jenny Liu ’13 (Hsinchu City, Taiwan).  They saw firsthand that exploring biology isn’t limited to textbooks in a classroom. Some days it takes waders and wetsuits, too. More

Prof. Chris Wells teaches a course called Environmental Justice. More

Prof. Louisa Bradtmiller discovers CO2 stored in deep Pacific Ocean during Ice Age. More