Part I : Berlin
Classes at the Goethe Institute usually start on the first Monday of January and run through the end of February.

Part II: Vienna
The two Macalester program courses run March through May, the courses at the University of Vienna start March 1 and end June 30.

During the semester, there will be no classes during Easter break (two weeks) and Pentecost (four days), and on the following holidays: Ascension, May Day, Corpus Christi, and Dies Academicus.

The program fee is set each year by the College’s International Center. In the past, costs have usually been equal to the Macalester comprehensive fee for one semester. Program fees cover:
• Housing in Berlin and Vienna
• Food allowance for all meals
• Transportation within Europe: monthly public transportation passes in Berlin and Vienna; train ticket from Berlin to Vienna
• Tuition (Goethe Institute, Macalester program courses, University of Vienna)
• Books for the Macalester program courses
• Theater tickets
• A museum pass for several museums in Vienna
• Allowance for culture program in Berlin
• Excursions (two longer trips, several day trips)
• Internet access at Goethe Institute in Berlin and Austro-American Institute in Vienna

Transatlantic airfare is not included.

Financial Aid (Macalester Students)
U.S. students, as well as international students majoring in German Studies, may apply their financial aid to the program fee.