Part I: Berlin, Germany (January – February)

Students take intensive German classes at the Humboldt-Institut Berlin-Mitte where they are placed at an appropriate linguistic level.

Part II: Vienna, Austria (March – June)

Students take two program-specific courses and “direct-enroll” at the University of Vienna.

Program-specific courses

All mandatory program courses are taught in German.

Erlebtes Theater (Theater Alive)

“Theater Alive” explores why theater still stirs up controversy, especially in Vienna. Students study dramas or musical works that are being performed in Viennese theaters during the current season, and then see them brought to life on the stage. The course changes from season to season, but always stresses a range of plays from classic to contemporary, and of productions from the traditional to the experimental (and sometimes shocking). Taught by Macalester faculty.

Austria’s Landscape – from Urban Vienna to Alpine Peaks

If you think of Austria, you think first of the landscape—the beautiful blue Danube and the mountains made so alive and vivid in The Sound of Music. But landscape and culture are closely intertwined: the concept was originally an aesthetic category that only found its way into early ecology and geology in the course of the 19th century. This class will investigate the complex relationship between aesthetics and ecology since the 19th century and examine the relationship between landscape and Austrian identity. A further focus is the special role of Vienna as Austria’s largest city; a city that on one hand is constituted by methods of denaturalization, but which on the other hand attempts repeatedly to draw nature into the city through parklands. In addition to literary texts and theoretical essays, the course will draw on art and films. There will also be excursions and museum visits. Taught by a local scholar.

Direct enroll at the University of Vienna

With guidance from the program director (and their respective departments), students can choose to enroll in a variety of courses offered by the University of Vienna. Taught by University of Vienna faculty.

The list of courses offered in the current semester can be found in the Course Directory.

Note: Courses vary greatly between semesters. For students in the process of applying, this directory is for reference purpose only.

Study Trips and Excursions

Two longer trips (four to five days), as well as a series of day trips or shorter excursions are integrated into the program courses. Past destinations have included, among others, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Kraków, the Abbey of Melk, a vineyard, and many local tours in Vienna.

Information about the program timeline can be found at Calendar & Costs.

Important to Know

Course Credits

Students receive up to 20 Macalester credits through the program. Credits breakdown is as follows:

  • German course at Humboldt-Institut: 5 credits
  • Two Macalester courses in Vienna: 4 credits / course
  • Direct enroll courses at University of Vienna: up to 7 Macalester credits (14 ECTS) in total

A Macalester College German Studies faculty member serves as resident director in Vienna.

  • In Berlin, students stay in the Humboldt-Institut “boarding school” dorm in the same building as the classrooms.
  • In Vienna, students live in suite apartments in a dormitory with a single room with a private bathroom and share a kitchenette with three other students.
  • Wifi is provided in all housing.

For more details, visit Housing.

Internship Opportunities

Students may complete an unpaid, non-credit-bearing internship (individually arranged).

Program Fees

Costs are equal to Macalester comprehensive fee for one semester. For more information, visit Calendar & Costs.

How to Apply

For information on program prerequisites and application procedures, visit Application.