To gain approval from the Survey Coordination Committee, you must first identify which type of project you plan to conduct and then follow the appropriate link below:

  • Academic Research
    • Research that is designed to develop or contribute to a generalizable body of academic knowledge. This includes most faculty‐mentored student research projects.
  • Non-Academic Research, including
    • Assessment of student learning projects, which are designed to gather data on student learning outcomes and goals.
    • Applied research, which is usually directed toward problem‐solving or opinion gathering for the purpose of decision‐making or policy creation. For example, a faculty committee may want to explore faculty attitudes toward policies regarding non‐tenure track faculty.
    • Evaluation research, which usually examines the success or merit of a program. For example the Career Development Center may want to know how well shadowing programs meet their goals.

Submit all supporting materials via email to the SCC Chair, Adam Johnson:

Faculty Projects

Staff Projects

Student Projects

Off-Campus Researchers

  • Surveys conducted by off-campus researchers must be done in collaboration with a Macalester staff or faculty member, who must serve as a primary researcher on the project. Under most circumstances, off-campus researchers who are not partnered with a Macalester staff or faculty member as a PI will not be allowed to survey Macalester community members. In rare cases, off-campus researchers will be allowed to survey Macalester community members without a Macalester collaborator IF they agree to share results in full with a relevant Macalester office or department AND IF said results have the potential to directly benefit that office in its ability to serve its mission to the College. An application for off-campus researchers can be found here.