Institutional Data

2023-24 Macalester College Fact Book

2022-23 Staff Demographics Report

2022-23 Faculty Demographics Report

Campus Presentations

2022 HEDS Diversity & Equity Campus Climate Survey of Faculty & Staff

IR Data for a Post-2020 Future
Serie Center, Spring 2021

Pathways of Recent Graduates
Chautauqua 2019, jointly presented with Career Exploration

Ways of Understanding and Supporting Indigenous and Students of Color at Mac
Chautauqua 2018, jointly presented with DML

Drawing Meaningful Insights from Mountains of Data
Talking about Teaching (CST), Fall 2016

Campus Climate and Sexual Assault Survey Results
Staff Advisory Council (SAC) Soup Chat, Spring 2016, jointly presented with Title IX Coordinator & Director of Equity

2017 FAIR – Fall Academic Issues Retreat, Supplemental Data

Majors of Graduates at Macalester’s 40 Peer Colleges: 2012-2016 (xlsx)

Supplemental Macalester Graphs & Charts

  • What are the most popular intended majors? (page 2)
  • What percent of students graduate with their intended majors? (page 4)
  • In what areas do undecided students major? (page 6)
  • When do students select a major? (page 8)
  • In what areas do international students major? (page 10)
  • In what areas do athletes major? (page 12)
  • In what areas do female students major? (page 14)
  • Do many students have double majors from the same division? (page 16)
  • Are minors growing in popularity? Which minors are most popular? (page 18)
  • What percent of our graduates’ courses are in each division? (page 22)
  • What percent of our graduates’ courses are in the division in which they major? (page 24)

2020 Staff Advisory Council (SAC) Survey Results

2020 SAC Survey Results
Staff Advisory Council survey designed, administered, and analyzed by SAC in July 2020
*Results are being hosted by Institutional Research