Survey Calendar

To whom do the Macalester Survey Policies apply?

Why have the Macalester Survey Policies been created?

  • In fall 2014, focus groups revealed that Macalester students received 30+ survey requests per year. These requests came from multiple, uncoordinated sources, and there was no mechanism in place to stop off-campus researchers from using our student population as a convenience sample. Further, some researchers on campus noticed that surveyors did not always follow best practices with respect to survey development or ethics.
  • This situation lead to survey fatigue on campus, especially among students, and was accompanied by a reduction in survey response rates across projects.

What are the goals of the Macalester Survey Policies?

  • To be thoughtful stewards of two shared and limited campus resources: Our community members’ time and attention
  • To reduce survey fatigue and unnecessary survey proliferation
  • To evaluate and prioritize requests for access to students, employees, or alumni for research purposes
  • To encourage collaboration among researchers and the use of existing data
  • To be advocates for surveying best practices and ethical research