For Employee

✓ Know how to contact ITS for technology help

Search for answers, call, chat or email the ITS Help Desk for assistance. Visit the Library front desk or the ITS Help Desk in Humanities Building 314 for technology help. | search tech FAQ | | 651-696-6525 |

✓ Initialize your official Macalester College account

New staff are sent an email to their non-Macalester account with a link to initialize their account by setting up a password about 5 days prior to their start date.
| How to change or reset a forgotten Macalester password | password rules

✓ Activate Google G Suite account

Activate your Google Apps Account by Accepting Google Terms of Service. Once activated, you can start using Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google Apps for Education products. Sign in with your full email address: <username> | list of accounts and services | <username> |

✓ Set up Google’s 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys out, even if they have your password. Signing in to your account will work a little differently. Whenever you sign in to Google, you’ll enter your password as usual. Then, a code will be sent to your phone via text, voice call, or our mobile app.
|  Get Started wtih 2-Step Verification |

✓ Read email

Check your email often! Employment Services, Facilities Services, Communications & PR, and ITS are just a few of the departments on campus, not to mention your colleagues, that send vital information to your inbox.
| | 6 things you can do to protect your email account |

✓ G Suite Checklist for new users

Welcome to G Suite. To set up your new work space on your first day, complete the Day 1 G Suite Checklist. The G Suite Welcome Center offers resources and a roadmap for users to get to know G Suite. This Center contains details on the Learning Center, help guides for each app, switching guides, our new Sheets Coursera course, and more.

✓ Set up your VPN & Duo Account

Most services like Gmail, 1600grand, and Zoom don’t require VPN. Some services require VPN for remote connections like G & H Drives, Argos, Advance/Matrix and OnBase. VPN & Duo Mobile setup guide (gdoc)

✓ Set up your account and sign into Zoom

Macalester uses Zoom for video conferencing. You can sign in and set up your Zoom account (gdoc).

✓ Get ready to work remotely

Be prepared to work remotely by following this checklist. This is a list of technology resources that can be used to enable work from off-campus. Check out the Work Remotely site.

✓ Review computer hardware and software needs with supervisor

Staff positions that require a computer will be provided with one. The Computer Replacement Fund, managed by ITS, is set up to replace computers about once every four years. Tenure-track faculty usually have start-up funds with which to purchase a computer.
staff computer | new tenure-track faculty computer  |  non-tenure-track faculty computer  |  software purchases |

✓ Connect your device to Macalester WiFi or eduroam

Macalester College’s wireless network uses your username and password to connect, an authentication method that provides a more secure wireless experience. Another option is to use eduroam, a free, global wifi roaming service that works here at Mac and at participating institutions. Check out the connection guides for your device.
| Macalester WiFi | eduroam |

✓ Request access to Enterprise systems

As a Macalester College staff member, you may require access to Argos, Banner and other enterprise systems. You and your supervisor will work with ITS to get you the access needed.

✓ Review telephone and voice mail needs

Telephone service and voice mail are provided for faculty and staff. Once the telephone and voice mail service is set up, an email with voice mail password and instructions will be sent to the new employee.
voice mail flowchart  |  set up voice mail account  |  online directory  | dialing instructions |

✓ Confirm access to G & H shared drives

Faculty and staff get access to shared drives upon account creation. Windows users go to My Computer. Mac OS users go to Finder > Go > Connect to server > smb:// server. Use the G drive to share files within a group/department; use the H drive to store personal files. Files stored on the shared drives are backed up nightly.
|  shared drives |  |  smb:// |

✓ Set up smartphone or tablet to access Macalester’s email (optional)

Use your smartphone or tablet to read your Macalester email with the GMail App available at the App Store or Google Play. Alternately, you may set up a new account for your iOS mail program.
iOS mail account set up  | Android Gmail app | iPhone Gmail app

✓ Find out about Macalester’s e-newsletters and listservs

Faculty and staff are automatically subscribed to appropriate listservs. Academic office professionals may request inclusion on department related listservs.
listservs  | |

✓ Download MS Office on personally owned computer (optional)

In addition to MS Office being installed on all college-owned computers, the full version is available to staff, faculty and students at no cost as part of our Microsoft volume licensing agreement. Macalester community members find it useful to have a copy of MS Office installed on their own computer.
software download | Microsoft Office for Windows (gdoc) | Microsoft Office for macOS (gdoc)

✓ Schedule a G Suite 1:1 meeting with ITS (optional)

An ITS staff member will reach out to you and schedule a time to meet.

✓ Have plan to backup your data

Save your files to the shared drives, Google Drive, Time Machine, or Crash Plan.
back-up plan |

For Supervisor

✓ Determine hardware and software needs

Upon request, ITS will re-image the existing computer and remove all data. Part-time staff sometimes share office space and computers. Faculty (tenure-track and non-tenure-track) should contact their AIA for hardware needs. ITS can work with departments to order computers and software not covered under current site-wide license agreements.
staff computer | new tenure-track faculty computer  |  non-tenure-track faculty computer  |  software purchases | Academic Information Associates (AIA) |

✓ Request phone and voicemail

Telephone service and voicemail are provided for faculty and staff, with some individuals sharing a phone. Send a request to to request a change or addition in telephone service for a new hire.
phone and voicemail | |

✓ Confirm creation of Macalester account credentials

Employment Services provides new staff and faculty with Macalester account credentials.
account credentials | online directory | accounts & services |

✓ Confirm Access to department shared drive folders

Access to a department’s share drive or G Drive is automatically granted during the account creation process. Should a new hire require access to a shared drive located outside of their department, send an email to to request it, include the name of the shared drive and new hire.
|  shared drives | |

✓ Consider if access to Enterprise systems is required

As a Macalester College staff member, your new hire may require access to Argos, Banner and other enterprise systems. You and your employee will work with ITS to get the access needed.

✓ Confirm membership on department listservs, moodlegroups, and Google Groups

Faculty and staff will be automatically subscribed to appropriate listservs, including the Inclusion to department-wide listservs and moodlegroups may be necessary.
listservs  | | moodlegroups |

✓ Add employee’s email address to the department’s Multi-Function Device scan-to-email addressbook

Most departments have access to a multifunction device (MFD) to print, scan, and send/receive faxes.

✓ Refer new employee to New Employee Techlist

Share this page with your new employee. It’s a great way to get started with technology at Macalester!

✓ Need technology assistance?

Contact the ITS Help Desk should you need assistance with any of the above items. | 651-696-6525 |