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Writing Tutors

Peer writing tutors are available to help with a variety of writing projects, from brainstorming to development to editing. You can bring in any writing project, such as a paper for your first-year course, a project proposal, your capstone, or a personal statement.

Writing tutors are available by appointment or drop-in.  Click here to see when writing tutors are scheduled. Please note that these calendars do not show tutor availability, only their shifts at the MAX Center. Call 651-696-6193 or email  to make an appointment.

MAX Center Finals Tutoring Hours

The MAX Center tutoring hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, beginning Friday 12-9-16 through Friday 12-16-16. There are no tutors on the evenings or weekend.

You may also schedule appointments with our professional writing counselors, Becky Graham and Jake Mohan, by emailing them directly: 

Finals Week Best Practices

MAX Center writing tutors are available during the day (no evening hours) on a limited basis during finals week. Please call 651-696-6193 to make an appointment and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Because our tutors are also students, they feel the pressure of the semester's end too. Please be respectful of their time by: 1) Coming in at least a day before the paper is due; 2) Sending the paper to the MAX Center () as early as possible; 3) Coming to your appointment with specific goals and questions; and 4) Budgeting at least an hour to discuss your paper with the tutor.

These guidelines make the best use of your time, too, so that you can have a fruitful writing session.  If you must cancel an appointment, please call 651-696-6193 as soon as you can so we can open the time for someone else.

Written Take-Home Exam Policy

The MAX Center is happy to assist you with written take-home exams, but because faculty members' preferences for take-home exams vary, we must have explicit permission from your instructor to work on an exam with you. Please ask your instructor to email or call us to grant permission in advance of your appointment.

Works in Progress

As part of our writing support services, the MAX Center offers Works in Progress, a peer review program designed to help students more fully develop their writing assignments with a relatively small investment of time on the part of faculty. With writing tutors facilitating, students meet in the MAX Center (Kagin Commons) outside of class time in order to respond to each other’s writing. With feedback from their peers, writers gain a clearer vision of what they want to say, gaining specific insights into how well they are communicating. When students read each other’s papers, they often learn something to apply to their own writing. Both students and faculty alike express satisfaction with the improvement in the final drafts. For further information, contact Julie Lucking at .

Working As a Peer Writing Tutor

Do you love writing? Are you the go-to person when your friends need help with their papers? If so, then you should consider applying to be a peer writing tutor in the MAX Center. Peer tutors aren’t necessarily writing experts or grammarians, but they must have a passion for writing that they can relay to the students they work with. We will teach you the skills that you need in order to work as a writing tutor. Tutors come from all disciplines, not just English.

Writing Tutor Job Description
Peer writing tutors work with students throughout the writing process for any class assignment. They participate in weekly writing tutor meetings and complete the tutor training program. After completing 25 hours of tutoring, they earn College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification. Writing tutors work with students one-to-one or in groups and engage in research and ongoing projects in the MAX Center and on campus. Writing tutor candidates must have completed the First-Year course and two writing intensive courses with a grade of B or better. They have excellent writing and communication skills and the ability to work well with individuals and groups.

If you are interested in working as a writing tutor, please contact or to check on the status for the next academic year.

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Additional Writing Resources

WRITE WELL is a video series designed to provide supplementary instruction in writing for Macalester College students and additional writing resources to Macalester College faculty members in the form of 1-3 minute long microlectures. Visit the main Write Well page for a wide variety of writing ideas and suggestions. Write Well Home