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Photo of the MAX Center staff
MAX Staff L to R: Jake Mohan (Writing Support Coordinator), Alyssa Lawrence (Writing & Academic Support Coordinator), Signe Anderson (Department Coordinator), Stephanie Alden (Coordinator of SI and Science Support), Dave Ehren (Coordinator of Quantitative Support)

The New Macalester Academic Excellence (MAX) Center—Same Great Services, Same Location, New Organizational Structure.

In late spring 2023, the MAX Center implemented a new organizational structure. This realignment maintains the same amount of academic support for students, while making possible more discipline-specific collaborations and foci.

The department now includes four specific units, each coordinated by returning professional staff who have revised job titles:

Writing Support in the MAX Center is coordinated by Jake Mohan and Alyssa Lawrence. Jake is now Writing Support Coordinator, and will continue to teach Writing in U.S. Academic Culture (INTD 103-01) in the spring. Alyssa is now Writing & Academic Support Coordinator, and will continue to teach Theory & Practice of Academic Writing (INTD 101-01) in the fall.

Jake and Alyssa continue to collaborate with and now directly report to Dr. Brigetta (Britt) Abel, Director of Writing. You’re welcome to reach out to any of them with questions about Writing Support.

Science and Quantitative Support in the MAX Center is coordinated by Dave Ehren and Stephanie Alden. Dave is now Coordinator of Quantitative Support, and continues to teach courses in the Math, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) department. Stephanie is now Coordinator of SI and Science Support.

Dave and Stephanie each report to Ann Minnick, Director of Academic Programs and Advising. You’re welcome to reach out to any of them with questions about the support available in science and quantitative courses.

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program in the MAX Center continues to be coordinated by Stephanie Alden. You’re welcome to reach out to Stephanie with questions about this program.

Study Skills Support in the MAX Center continues to be offered by Alyssa Lawrence and Stephanie Alden. Alyssa specializes in supporting work in the humanities, and Stephanie in the science and quantitative fields. You’re welcome to reach out to either of them with questions about individual support for studying, reading, organizing time, and other academic skills.

ADA testing accommodations has been integrated into Disability Services, located in the lower level of Kagin Commons. Julieanne (Julie) Lucking has also moved from the MAX Center to DS, and ADA testing accommodations will continue to be coordinated under her leadership. 

We are excited to continue working with and supporting the Macalester community within this new structure! The 2023 – 2024 academic year will be a year of transition for the department. We expect to observe, learn, reflect, and make adjustments as we proceed. As always, we welcome input from students, staff, and faculty.