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Background Information

As we look to the future, Macalester is operating from a position of strength. We have excellent faculty and staff, and an academically rigorous program. Strong enrollment and high graduation rates. Opportunities for students to work closely with faculty, and take advantage of the benefits of our Twin Cities location. A long history of operating with a balanced budget. A 30,000+ strong network of active, engaged alumni.

That said, for all higher education institutions, this is a time of transition, and Macalester faces a number of challenges. Rising costs that outpace inflation making college difficult for families to afford. A rising discount rate that increasingly relies on our endowment and annual fundraising to cover operating costs. A history of alumni giving that is not as strong as many of our peer schools. Fewer students applying to four-year colleges, and a decreasing number of international students applying to U.S. institutions.

The following resources will be used by those most involved in our strategic planning, including our Champions, and we hope you will find them useful as together we consider Macalester’s future.