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The CSA is aware that paying for study away is a primary concern for many students. In addition to your regular Macalester financial aid package (FAQ about financial aid and study away), we encourage you to seek scholarships through a variety of sources. This page is intended to help you identify potential scholarship opportunities and explore other funding sources for study away that might be useful.

Types of Scholarships

Study away scholarships fall into three main categories:

  1. Many program-specific scholarships are available to participating students. The amount of each award and the criteria required to apply varies between providers and scholarships. Awards may be based on need, merit, or identity-based criteria. Some providers require students to apply directly using a separate scholarship application. Others automatically award funds when students are accepted into their programs. In many cases, students must actively accept the scholarship in order to receive the funds. Please watch carefully for notices and detailed instructions on your program’s website, in emails from your program provider, in emails from the CSA, and in the Mac Daily. 
  2. Macalester-sponsored scholarships are generously funded by donors. There are far fewer of these available and they are very specific in their eligibility requirements, but are always awarded as fully as possible. Students can apply for these scholarships in the spring semester soon after receiving Macalester approval for their study away program. Students who are eligible will receive an email from the CSA with application directions and deadlines. These scholarships are also announced in the Mac Daily and are starred on our scholarship list.
  3. Other scholarships specific to region, country, or organization are available from a wide range of sources. The CSA does its best to maintain a list of available scholarships on our website. However, there may be additional scholarships available that aren’t listed here. No single list is exhaustive and we encourage you to utilize a variety of strategies as you search for potential scholarship support.

Useful Strategies for your Study Away Scholarship Search

  • Go to the Macalester brochure page of any of the approved study away programs and find the “Cost & Funding” tab. If there is a program or region-specific scholarship, it will typically be listed there.
  • Ask your Macalester study away advisor about scholarship options in your individual advising appointment. 
  • Ask department chairs, faculty, and your own academic advisor about scholarships. Some might know about additional funding opportunities specifically tied to academic disciplines.
  • Ask returnees how they found their scholarships. 
  • Watch for email (including in your spam folder) from the Center for Study Away. When we receive scholarship announcements, we pass them along to eligible students.
  • Watch for email and Mac Daily notices from our Financial Aid Office. For example, they will notify Pell eligible students of the Gilman scholarship application window each semester.
  • Show Me the Money: 6 Tips to Winning Scholarships to Study Abroad – this article provides some additional strategies that may help in securing scholarships for your study away experience.

Other Funding Ideas for Study Away

  • Ask airlines if they do anything special for students. Even if they don’t offer any discount, they are constantly changing their special offers and ticket change policies.
  • Try various individual online searches. This can take time, but there are funding sources established for very specific circumstances.
  • Look in your own home community for funding for students provided by industry, civic or religious groups, etc., and clarify if they can be applied for an approved study away semester program. 
  • Consider other strategies for funding study away. The following articles present some ways that you can think about preparing for the expenses associated with study away: