You will complete an online advising process before submitting a study away application.


We want to make sure that you are able to find the best program for you that also meets the high academic standards of Macalester.

The central goals of the study away advising process are: 

  • To help you focus your intellectual and cultural interests so that they dovetail with Macalester’s goals for study away;
  • To provide you with the tools for comparing different program options on the basis of academic content and structure, cultural immersion, and cost; and
  • To provide you with concrete suggestions for your program search from the standpoint of both program quality and educational “fit.”

What does that involve?

  • Attend a First Steps to Study Away Info Session
    First Steps Sessions are held throughout the fall semester. Check the Center for Study Away calendar for dates and times. 
  • Begin the online advising process
    The online advising process happens during the fall semester. You will log in to the online application using your Macalester username and password. You can track your progress through the advising process in your Macalester Study Away Account.
  • Complete advising 
    In your online account, you will complete questionnaires about your interests and plans and review helpful information.

Meet one­-on­-one with an advisor

You are encouraged and welcomed to meet with a study away advisor for a one-­on-­one appointment to discuss your study away plans. Depending on the program you choose, you may be required to meet with an advisor. If you enroll in a program coordinated by a Macalester academic department, such as the Macalester German program, you should meet with a faculty member of the department responsible for the program.

Read evaluations and scorecards

  • Read evaluations from Macalester students who have participated in the programs you are considering.
  • Scorecards summarize the opportunities offered through each program and how they align with the Macalester Study Away Learning Goals.


Professors can be crucial in helping you see how study away can be used. Talk about what makes sense with your intended major(s) and academic plan.

  • Which semester is best for you?
  • Do you need to get credit for a certain type of class during study away (major, minor, concentration, etc.)?
  • If you’re planning to do an honors project or senior thesis, talk about how the timing of this will work with your study away plans.
  • Will you do research while away?
  • How can study away complement your studies at Macalester?