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Alumni Board Task Forces and Committees

The core work of the Alumni Board is through the Task Forces and Committees. These groups focus on specific issues that advance the mission of the College. These groups develop initiatives that make a tangible impact on the Macalester strategic direction and foster alumni engagement. All members of the board participate in one of the Task Forces and one of the Committees. The current Task Forces are Athletic, Arts and Affinities Task Force, Student to Young Alumni Task Force, and Virtual Programs Task Force. The current Committees are the Communications Committee, Signature Events Committee, and the Awards and Nominations Committee. 

Macalester men's basketball team


Increasing engagement of alumni athletes, current athletes, programs and connections.

A group of nine students stands in front of a brick wall smiling for a picture


Connecting alumni who embody Macalester’s values of inclusivity, internationalism, open-mindedness, and advocacy.

Task Forces

Athletics, Arts and Affinities Task Force

“It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was a student, but it was, so being able to connect through the Alumni Board is just a great experience. In the current state of the world, I’ve been looking for ways to reach out, and connecting to Mac has really helped get me through these past couple of years. I want to help promote alumni engagement (and athletics), so other people can share that experience.” – Athletics Working Group Chair Abby Dos Santos ’01, Volleyball

One third of Macalester alumni participated in varsity or club athletics. The Alumni Board’s Athletics Working Group strives to create connections with alumni athletes to each other, the college, and Macalester Athletics. While amplifying the successes of Macalester athletics and supporting current students athletes, we celebrate the stories of our shared athletic experience. This includes, but is not limited to: After the Game alumni programs, supporting Back to Mac and the Hall of Fame recognition banquet, collecting career connections for student athletes mentorship opportunities, and a Macalester Athletics Oral History project. We are eager to answer questions about life after Macalester and how our athletics experiences have helped us in a diverse range of careers and activism.   Learn more about Athletics at Mac.

Student to Young Alumni Task Force

Virtual Programs Task Force


Communications Committee

Signature Events Committee

Awards and Nominations Committee