Thanks for your interest in Biology!

The Biology Department has a new online system for requesting permission to enroll in upper level courses and to join waitlists for both core and upper level courses for Fall 2020.

WAITLISTS.  Because of our revised, modular Fall course schedule, in order to officially be added to a course waitlist, you must fill out this form even if you were on a waitlist last spring, or have already contacted the faculty member.  Prioritization will be based on student need, not on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  Please do not fill the form out until after you have registered for your courses.  Waitlists will open on the first day of registration.

There are just a few exceptions:  For BIOL 320: Computational Biology, you should instead fill out the waitlist hosted by the MSCS Department. For BIOL/CHEM 351: Biochemistry I, contact the faculty members directly to be added to their waitlists.

Core Course Waitlist Form 2020

Upper Level Course Waitlist Form 2020


REQUEST PERMISSION TO ENROLL.  Some upper level biology courses require “permission from the instructor” to enroll.  To officially request permission to add one of the upper level courses that requires an instructor’s signature,  you must fill out the Request Permission to Enroll form.  Just like the waitlist forms, you should fill this form out, even if you’ve already spoken to a course instructor.  Please be sure to fill this form out before registration opens on July 27.  You will be notified of the success of your request prior to registration.  This form is now closed.

Request Permission to Enroll 2020