Values in Action

Our Equity Purchasing Initiative is designed to help staff and faculty live our values by identifying and utilizing partners whose ownership makeup historically has been underrepresented in American commerce, including minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses. The initiative helps employees intentionally deploy the college’s resources in ways that increase equity and justice. We welcome specific partner recommendations from all members of the community.

Equity Purchasing

Macalester College has partnered with trusted sources to help to identify potential business relationships.  When choosing a vendor to provide goods or services to the College, it is important to take the time to consider whether a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) could meet your needs. Please check the lists below to identify MBE and WBE before making a purchasing decision.

Recommended Process

  1. Review current product or service needs.
  2. As you’re developing your plans for making purchase decisions, use the resources below to explore vendors for consideration and inclusion in your purchasing program.
  3. As noted below, the different resources have varying access rules which Purchasing can help you navigate.
  4. Contact Purchasing (see below) for assistance to fully explore your options, or submit a request via Macalester College Equity Purchasing Questionnaire.
  5. The Macalester Equity Supplier List contains suppliers identified by Macalester Purchasing.  The list includes suppliers certified with North Central Minority Supplier Development Council (NCMSDC) and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as well as self-identified suppliers.  The list is a work in progress and will continue to develop with the Equity Purchasing Initiative.

We’re happy to assist if you have questions about this program.

  • Contact Macalester Purchasing:  Matt Rumpza for assistance with your vendor search.

Open Access Programs (No login credentials required)

  • No login credentials needed for vendor search.  For assistance, contact Matt Rumpza
  • Central Certification (CERT) Program certifies small business enterprises (SBE’s) including Minority owned businesses (MBE’s) and Women owned businesses (WBE’s).  The program is recognized locally by Hennepin County, Ramsey County, the City of Minneapolis, and the City of St. Paul
  • State of Minnesota’s Certified Supplier Directory is a resource for easy access to the States Targeted, Economically Disadvantaged, and Veterans groups.

Macalester Subscribed Member Programs (Login credentials required)

Supplier Guide

If you are a potential supplier to Macalester College, please complete the Macalester College Equity Supplier Business Directory Registration Form contact Matt Rumpza, Director of Purchasing with any questions.