If necessary, you can mark a charge as “Personal” to reimburse Macalester for personal expenses on your pcard.

First, link your personal bank account to your Wells Fargo pcard account.

Before you submit your statement, check the Personal box on the statement or in the reclassification screen as shown below. Either option works the same.

Pcard Statement – Personal Charge

Once you select the box and save the change, the transaction will display Yes.

Pcard Statement – Personal Charge

By checking the personal box, Wells Fargo will automatically withdraw the funds from your personal account and reimburse Macalester around the 14th of the month when the statement closes. You will receive an email from Wells Fargo alerting you. No further action is required.

You will still have to enter a description for the charge. It is helpful for the program administrator if your description starts with ‘Personal Expense-…’

If you are unable to reimburse Macalester via Wells Fargo, you will need to write a check out to Macalester for the amount, and drop it off or send it to the Pcard Administrator at 77 Mac, 302.