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Color is an integral part of our brand and with consistent application can help provide impact and brand recognition throughout all communications.

Primary Palette

A grid of six squares showing the primary colors for Macalester's brand.

The primary color palette consists of the two core Macalester colors MAC Blue (PMS 7694 C) and MAC Orange (PMS 1665 C) along with black, white and two gray values. These should be the predominant colors used throughout our brand materials.

Text Version

Mac Blue

Pantone 7694C
C:100 M:76 Y:34 K:20
R:13 G:60 B:97
HEX: 01426A

Mac Orange

Pantone 1665C
C:00 M:80 Y:95 K:00
R:239 G:79 B:38
HEX: D44420

Mac Light Gray

Pantone 429C
C:00 M:00 Y:00 K:45
R:147 G:149 B:151

Mac Dark Gray

Pantone 431C
C:00 M:00 Y:00 K:75
R:88 G:89 B:91
HEX: 5B6770

Mac White

Pantone NA
C:00 M:00 Y:oo K:00
R:0 G:0 B:0

Mac Black

Pantone BLACK C
C:00 M:00 Y:00 K:100
R:255 G:255 B:255

Secondary Palette

A grid of five squares showing the secondary colors for Macalester's brand.

The secondary colors complement the primary palette while providing energy and visual interest. These colors are intended to be used as accent colors. This can be best achieved through use in type, call-out boxes, background fills, rules and charts.

PantoneĀ®, CMYK and RGB equivalents for the Macalester colors are listed to assist in color consistency throughout all mediums.

Text Version

Mac Sky Blue

Pantone 297C
C:52 M:00 Y:05 K:00
R:93 G:198 B:233
HEX: 71C5E8

Mac Gold

Pantone 7549C
C:00 M:31 Y:100 K:00
R:253 G:174 B:21

Mac Green

Pantone 370C
C:65 M:26 Y:100 K:09
R:90 G:130 B:53
HEX: 658D1B

Mac Plum

Pantone 7649C
C:42 M:100 Y:35 K:13
R:133 G:29 B:86
HEX: 8A1B61

Mac Red

Pantone 186C
C:12 M:100 Y:92 K:03
R:201 G:29 B:41

Accessible Color Contrast Combinations

To meet U.S. Department of Education web accessibility standards for those online users with vision difficulties, we must use the colors above in ways that ensure the text color has enough contrast with the background color. Below is a list of accessible color combinations (you must use the hex codes for these combinations to be valid).

  • Mac Blue: White, Mac Sky Blue, Mac Gold, Mac Light Gray
  • Mac Orange: Black, White
  • Mac Light Gray: Black, Mac Blue
  • Mac Dark Gray: White
  • Mac Sky Blue: Black, Mac Blue
  • Mac Gold: Black, Mac Blue
  • Mac Green: White (24 pt. text size and above only), Black
  • Mac Plum: White
  • Mac Red: White