What has been updated?

  • Beginning in the fall of 2017, Macalester has a new look that weaves together vibrant colors, logos, photography, language, and design. This update to our visual identity creates a consistent, unified look for the entire Macalester community, from prospective students sorting through stacks of college brochures to alumni celebrating their 50-Year Reunion.
  • Our mission and core values are not changing; we are not changing who we are. Macalester still embraces the same values it has since the beginning: scholarship, internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society. We are simply ensuring everything is done in a consistent way so we can broaden the reach and recognition of Macalester.

Why did Macalester choose this look?

  • The visual identity of Macalester was refined in collaboration with stakeholders all across our community—many of whom expressed the need for a unified approach to our look.
  • The project took into consideration stakeholder interviews with key leaders, brand stewards, and alumni as well as focus groups with faculty, staff and students.
  • The tartan shield, originally adopted in 1998, remains connected to our Scottish past as well as our strong belief in a connected, interdisciplinary world. Another nod to Macalester’s history is the return to our historical colors of blue and orange.

Why did the college decide to do this work now?

  • Institutions must evolve over time in order to better connect with changing and evolving audiences.
  • A unified look will help us to remain competitive in attracting students and engaging alumni in a compelling way that reminds them of the life-changing role Macalester played in their lives.
  • We haven’t made a significant change to our overall visual identity since the adoption of the shield logo in 1998.

Why is Macalester no longer using the piper image, the peeling orange image, etc.?

  • During our research, alumni, students, and faculty told us having so many graphic elements representing Macalester was confusing. This disconnect caused a lack of unity around our mission and values.
  • The different images used in the past have also created confusion between Macalester and other institutions, including our neighbors, the Hamline Pipers.
  • We are giving the various entities across the college the tools they need to have a consistent conversation that clearly demonstrates the Macalester experience without losing their individual voices in the mix.