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Consistent use of typography helps build visual familiarity with the brand and ensures that all Macalester materials have a cohesive look. To acquire these typefaces for your use, please contact Julie Hogan, Director of Creative Services.

Serif Typeface

Newslab font

Newslab is a contemporary yet modern-looking slab serif typeface that has been selected as the primary typeface for the Macalester brand. In addition to being the wordmark typeface, it is also predominantly used in all departmental and athletic naming lock-ups.

Additional uses include: headlines, subheads, call-outs and body copy. It is available as both a print and web font. Italics should be used for typographic accent only.

Newslab is available in additional weights and corresponding italics allowing design and typographic flexibility when creating materials.

Sans Serif Typeface

Din font

DIN Next Pro is a highly legible typeface that pairs nicely as an accent font with Newslab. This font also comes in a variety of weights and styles and works well in sentence case and all caps. Intended uses include: headlines, subheads, text and legal disclosures. It is available as both a print and web font.

Typefaces for Electronic Communications

Arial (sans serif) and Georgia (serif) — not shown — are native to Microsoft PC platforms and should be used for Word and PowerPoint documents. Arial and Georgia should also be used in email, web and other electronic communications when brand typefaces are not available.