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Residential Life and Housing/Food Accommodations

Macalester College believes the learning experience in a community living model is essential to student growth. Students are required to live on-campus for the first two years as part of this commitment to holistic learning; this includes students with disabilities to live others in shared living spaces as an integral part of the Macalester community.    Accommodations are considered as part of this residency requirements. 

Requests for accommodations are considered on a case by case basis, evaluated by disability and any impacts or functional limitations, the reasonableness of the accommodation, and space availability.   

Steps for Requesting Housing Accommodations

All students should first review Residential Life Processes and Policies for Housing prior to requesting accommodations.  

Important Deadlines

Spring Room Draw Housing Accommodations Information:

Information for Spring Room Draw related Housing Accommodation Requests including important deadlines will be posted early in the Spring semester. More information coming soon.

Incoming, first year students only

  • Complete the steps and submit information by June 21.   

Deadline for Spring Semester 2024

  • The deadline for accommodated housing and assistance animals for Spring 2024 is October 15.

Steps for Accommodations

  • Meet with Disability Services for an intake if you have not done so.
  • Register with Disability Services via the AIM system
  • Complete the accessible housing request form.
  • Provide information from a care provider with information on the need for housing configurations related to disability (e.g., why a single room is required) by the deadline.

Once your request is submitted

  • You will be contacted by Disability Services on receipt of request. 
  • The Disability Services Team will meet to consider all accommodation requests after the housing request deadline.
  • ¬†Students will be notified by Disability Services of Approval. Please be aware this may take several weeks to coordinate all housing configurations.¬†Specfic housing assignments are determined by Residential Life, not Disability Services.
    • For first year students, notification of housing placement will be provided at the same time all students are provided their housing notifications.
      • Additional meetings with other staff may be required to fully implement requests  (e.g. Cafe Mac if your request is meal plan related).

      Important Things to Note

      Students will be considered for housing accommodation based on the following;

      • A medical/mental health disability that significantly impacts the ability of the student to live in traditional housing configurations.
      • How the accommodation reduces disability impacts
      • Space and other housing configuration considerations: we may not have space for all requests.
      • timeliness of request.

      Accommodations are considered for the student making the request, not potential roommates or friends. 

      Students should indicate secondary options in the event first options cannot be granted.

      Single Rooms

      Single rooms requests via Disability Services are for instances where a single is medically necessary as part of a treatment plan to reduce disability impact.  Preference for a single, a specific location, concern about typical collegiate noises, or a roommate concern may not rise to a level of medically necessary and an accommodation via this process.  

      Late Requests

      What do I do if I didn’t meet the deadline for a request or it’s after Room Draw? 

      Returning students requesting after the March 15 deadline can still go through Room Draw. Third and Fourth year students should anticipate locating housing off campus that meets their accommodation needs.

      After room draw, we may have no additional space options for housing accommodations.  Students can request to be place on a limited wait list; requests will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis as space that meets accommodation needs are available.  We may be unable to honor late requests due to space or administrative limits. 

      Housing Waiver Accommodations for First and Second Year Students

      Housing waivers are infrequently provided.  At times, if we are unable to provide required housing accommodations or housing configurations pose a safety concern for the student, students may be eligible for a first/second year housing waiver.  These are determined on a case by case basis.

      The waiver process is not intended for students who have a preference to live off campus with other community members.

      Specialty/Language Housing

      Students applying for language housing accommodations need to apply by first through Specialty Language Housing process/deadlines.

      Students should also connect with Disability Services regarding requests for accommodations and inform the speciality/language house of an accommodation need.  We will then connect with the specialty area to determine reasonable accommodation options.

      Meal Plan Accommodations

      Students looking to request accommodations related dietary restrictions or dining accommodation should connect with the Director of Disability Services and schedule an appointment to discuss possible accommodations.

      Service and Emotional Support/Assistance Animals

      Requests for Service and ESA/Assistance Animals should be completed by accommodated housing timelines to ensure appropriate space configurations can be determined. Late requests will be considered individually.

      General Steps

      Student provides information that clearly identifies the need for the animal and any assistance the animal provides (if not readily apparent) by above deadlines.

      Ensure animal vaccination records are up to date and records provided to the DS Office prior to animal arrival.

      Agree to the animal management policy provided by DS staff prior to animal arrival.

      Student has discussed any questions or concerns with DS staff in advance of animal arrival.

      Please contact Disability Services to discuss specifics regarding Service and Assistance animals on campus:  [email protected].