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11.17 Staff Service Awards

The College recognizes the importance of continuing service to the institution by giving a service award to staff employees after each five years of continuing service. Staff employees will be recognized at an all staff event.

Staff Outstanding Service Award

In conjunction with the annual Macalester Faculty and Staff appreciation luncheon, one staff member is recognized for their performance and impact on our community. When nominating an individual, the following three categories, with supporting examples, must be addressed in order for a nomination to be considered:

1. Why you believe this individual’s work performance is outstanding

2. Why you believe this individual’s contributions to colleagues and/or the department are outstanding

3. Why you believe this individual’s service to the College is outstanding

Who is eligible?

Any non-faculty employee outside of the following Senior Leadership positions, which include:

1. President
2. Executive Vice President & Provost
3. VP, Administration & Finance
4. VP, Advancement
5. VP, Institutional Equity
6. AVP, Student Affairs and Dean of Students
7. VP, Admissions & Financial Aid
8. VP & CIO, ITS
9. Dean of the Faculty
10. Vice Provost

Eligibility also includes having a minimum of one year of service as of February 28, each year and being in good standing, which means free of any disciplinary or job related performance concerns.

Winners will not be eligible for re-nomination for 5 years following receipt of the award.

How do I nominate someone?

Simply submit a typed letter to the Director, Employment Services by the established deadline. The letter should clearly identify the individual about whom it is written and contain the rationale, using the three criteria above, as to why this person should be considered.

How does the selection process work?

Each year the Staff Advisory Council (SAC), organizes a representative group of staff employees to work with the Director, Employment Services. All committee members have a vote except for the Director, Employment Services, whose role is to facilitate the process. If committee members provided by SAC are unable to fully participate in the selection process, the Director, Employment Services will select individuals to replace them. In addition to SAC selections, Macalester tradition is to include the previous year’s winner as a voting committee member.

Prior to releasing the nominations to the committee for consideration, the Director, Employment Services will remove nominations of individuals who do not meet eligibility criteria.

Committee members read every nomination letter submitted and evaluate them based on the content provided within each nomination. The committee will meet as many times as needed in order to discuss and recommend a winner. In cases where a nominee has multiple nominations, the committee member considers all evidence submitted in support of a nominee before casting their vote.

In cases where a committee member is also a nominee, the committee member will recuse themselves from the process and be replaced by another individual.

A cornerstone of the selection process is confidentiality. As such, the winner of the Staff Outstanding Service Award is not revealed until the luncheon.

What happens to the nomination letters after voting?

In the weeks following the luncheon, Employment Services will present each nominee with a personalized folder containing nominations submitted on their behalf. In cases where a nominator wishes to remain anonymous, they will be responsible for alerting the Director, Employment Services at the time a nomination is submitted. Additionally, a copy of each nomination will be placed in the nominee’s personnel file.