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11.3 Long Term Disability Insurance

Full-time employees are eligible for coverage from their date of employment by a College paid long term disability policy. This insurance provides for 60% of your monthly salary after a 90 calendar day waiting period if the disability meets the insurance policy’s definition of disability and all other applicable conditions for coverage. This benefit is subject to reductions for other disability earnings (described in the Summary Plan Description) booklet that the employee may be eligible to receive. If you should become disabled, contact the Employment Services Department as soon as possible to establish your claim. Disabled employees may use all medical and vacation accumulation prior to receiving long term disability payments and/or to supplement disability payments up to their current salary level. After long-term disability payments begin, accrual of benefits will discontinue. Once approved for long-term disability payment, employees will be terminated off of Macalester’s payroll system. If enrolled at the time of disability, a disabled employee may remain on the College’s group health plan (through COBRA), at their own expense, indefinitely.

Employees are encouraged to keep their designation of beneficiaries up to date. Contact the Employment Services Department if there is any change.