Ayca Arbay ’23

Startup: Easy EMDR

At Easy EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) we build powerful tools to empower therapists. We believe everyone can benefit from therapy but many folks for whom it is critical are unable to receive the care they need. Over half of Americans will experience a traumatic episode during their lifetime (National Center for PTSD). Since 2016, we have made digital tools to help therapists better reach and treat clients, both remote and in person. Over 8,500 therapists use our platform to deliver treatment through a secure video interface augmented with our digital BLS (Bilateral Stimulus) and iOS app.

Ben Dohrmann Maruggi ’24

Startup: SitEat

SitEat is a mobile ordering platform for in-venue concession/ food court that allows guest to skip the line and order ahead through the mobile phones, and get notified when the order is ready for pick up.

James (Chia-Lun) Yang ’23

Startup: We Sparkle

We Sparkle Co. is building a stronger + more inclusive economy by equipping underestimated entrepreneurs with the AI-powered software tools they need to succeed.

Jiatong “Erika” Wu ’23

Startup: DOCSI

We are a healthcare-focused startup that is aiming to streamline and improve the preoperative workflow primarily through the digitization and standardization of doctor preference cards (DPCs). Founded by a surgeon who experienced the pain of inaccurate preference cards firsthand, our company aims to improve the experience for all workers involved in the operative process while also improving levels of patient care and safety.

Johan Arsene’23

Startup: Saykid

SayKid is transforming how kids learn – and it doesn’t involve screens! Effectively, we build voice-interactive games to help kids learn in safe, natural, and engaging way!

Jonas Cassiano Costa ’23

Startup: YourPath

We make healthcare for people with issues related to substance use work. Our digital health platform and care services support people with the care they want, when and how they want it.

Lorena Escobosa Alcantar ’24

Startup: Vizworld.AI

To accelerate and automate the world’s most common and complex problems using Artificial Intelligence using historical data that captures the process and operation of tasks in multiple use cases including sports analytics, manufacturing and construction, healthcare, fashion, space, e-commerce and also the education industry.

Lucy (My Linh) Tran ’23

Startup: Neurotype Inc.

The overall mission of Neurotype Inc. is to enhance recovery in Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) by providing clinicians with portable tools that enable patient awareness of their brain condition, and allow opportunities for clinician-patient engagement through neuro-feedback and biometric tracking.

Salman Ijaz ’24

Startup: Pennant

Pennant helps performing artists broaden their reach and increase revenue with a custom-branded video streaming platform.

Tenzin Gyaltsen ’24

Startup: Sparrow Charts

Sparrow is a data platform that allows marketers to sync their marketing insights directly to Google Sheets and Google Slides. Sparrow has over 1000 installs and 600 active users.

Tung Quang Nguyen ’23

Startup: Groove Capital

Groove Capital is where entrepreneurs go to get their first institutional investment. By combining the power of an active angel network with a traditional venture fund, Groove accelerates the velocity to a startup’s first funding, while providing its investors with a platform and process to invest with confidence.