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January 2020 Live It Fund Recipients

VIVID: Asian-American Re-Written

Mai Moua Thao ’22 & Tara Mercene ’22

VIVID: Asian-American Re-Written is a film series which will explore how the personal experiences of Asian Americans influences the creation of media, as well as how the process of media reflects the transforming society in representing Asian Americans.

My Body My Pride

Long Nguyen ’21

My Body My Pride is a photography project in form of either an exhibition and a photo book, which give people, specifically participating models, a platform and a chance to talk about their body image insecurities in hope of creating body positivity messages or initiating conversations on these issues.

Helping to Learn

Franco Salinas ’22

Helping to Learn is a psychological campaign to help low income children in Flora Tristan, Peru with learning disabilities to be informed and supported in their educational experience through workshops and evaluations.


Xue Han ’22

SEED aims to empower the next generation through family education. By providing the information and support parents need to educate a confident and critical child, I hope to raise the awareness of family education in China.


Thu Anh Dang ’22

Xao is an educational startup and also the first training platform in Vietnam for any aspiring Vietnamese entrepreneurs regardless of age, majors, geographical and academic backgrounds. Xao aims to make business knowledge from top-notch business schools accessible to the entrepreneurs through an adapted 7-step course that takes them through the process of building a startup without making common startup mistakes. Through Xao, we hope to equip Vietnamese entrepreneurs with up-to-date business skills to scale their startups and change the Vietnamese business culture and economy for the better as a result.

Open Budget Myanmar

Kyaw Za Zaw ’22

Open Budget Myanmar is a civic engagement project to digitize government spending data to be fully accessible in a digital format to allow analysis and research on how the officials are spending taxpayers’ money.


Raato Paailaa

Sivali Bhandary ’23

Raato Paailaa is a project to educate adolescents in rural mid-west Nepal about the science of menstruation and to help young girls learn ways to handle their periods hygienically, with dignity, confidence, and pride. By opening dialogue about menstruation and empowering girls through education, Raato Paailaa aims to challenge the deeply rooted stigma surrounding menstruation in this area. Through the means of interactive, activity laden, reflection based, and thought provoking workshops, the project hopes to engage students into understanding concepts surrounding menstrual health and hygiene management which can then help girls identify their own menstrual needs/demands and ways in which their menstrual experiences can be enhanced.