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January 2022 Live It Fund Recipients

picture of Mai and Tara

VIVID: Asian-American Re-Written

Mai Moua Thao ’22 & Tara Mercene ’22

VIVID is an abstract/experimental film series which explores the personal, every-day experiences of Asian Americans. This project is a process reflecting the transforming society in representing Asian Americans. The purpose of the project is to highlight everyday complexities of the Asian American identity, one that is not glorified, romanticized, or following the flow of a model minority.

Fere Project

Yosan Worota ’23

Fere Project is a 4 week opportunity-access workshop, where Eritrean students in Sudan are taught how to brainstorm, structure, draft and revise college essays. Learn more about Fere Project on the project website linked here.

This is What Healing Sounds Like

Grace Lin ’23

This is What Healing Sounds Like is an art installation using music and art as a source of healing in times of hardships and trials. The prompt people are asked to answer is, “What is a song lyric that guides you during times of trial?” This is Healing is a way to inspire self-reflection, thought, and human connection and in hopes of figuring out how music is used as an outlet of comfort and what color people associate it with.

Hear for Success

Sarah Estelle Noble ’22

Hear for Success is a website with insight from deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students who attend mainstream colleges. The website has information we wish we knew before starting college. The target audience is DHH high school students, however, anyone can visit the website. The insight is meant to be taken into consideration, but not necessarily followed. We hope any DHH high school students who visit the website find at least one helpful piece of insight and any hearing people who visit the website learn something they hadn’t considered before.

Project Fin-nari

Kashvi Ajitsaria ’22

Project Fin-nari is a 2-day workshop for cottage-industry workers in rural Maharashtra aiming to build financial literacy and foster a feminist knowledge-sharing community.


Shades, Lovingly

Tyler Sanchez ’24

Shades, Lovingly’ is an art gallery that focuses on a small town in Mexico and captures interviews and landscapes of what beauty means to them and hopefully changing the perception of Mexico.