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January 2023 Live It Fund Participants

Techify Addis Ababa

Kaleb Getu Gezahegn ‘24

Techify Addis Ababa is a training program to help underserved low-income highschool/university students in Ethiopia to address the opportunity of increasing software engineering knowledge, skills and overall interest in technology and programming.

Identifying Hydraulic Catchment Zones in the Highlands of Guatemala, with CCFC

Roan Floer-Martinez ‘23

CCFC aims to improve the lives of people in rural Guatemala by holistically improving environmental and human health; I will aid this goal utilizing my Geographic Information Systems skills to create hydrological models and habitat models. 

Người Việt

Tung Quang Nguyen ‘23

“Người Việt” was intended to be a blog series to help the youth in Vietnam understand and empathize with the story of Vietnamese people in the largest diaspora in the country’s history. The project carried on to produce 7 blog posts, reaching more than 500,000 people, and inspiring them to connect with humans more deeply.

The Fadan; A New African Story

Brennan Standel ‘23

Fadan is a semi-cooperative area control and deck building game set in the mother continent. Players play as unique African civilizations that must lead their people to greatness. As they do so however, competing for resources and map positions, a shared enemy emerges from the horizon. How players lead, compete, and collaborate determines not just the fate of their people but of the continent. Fadan is a game the shares the stories and histories of Africa in a new way.

As a board game it decolonizes a traditionally white and colonial space in the board gaming community. While educating existing community members it also offers a door to new community members from diverse African backgrounds. Fadan means the Fight in Hausa, and I hope it plays a role in the larger fight for decolonization and recognition of African Knowledge and History.

Xam sa bopp, xam sa addouna (Know yourself, know the world)

Anna Sene ‘24

Xam Sa Bopp Xam Sa Adduna (Know yourself, know the world) is a 3 full days series of workshops on the themes of Global Education and Well-Being in Education. The 20 participants learnt and discussed Global Citizenship, as well as the educational opportunities in Senegal and elsewhere through a formal presentation and the stories of multiple college students. The group also did significant collaborative work through projects around the theme of challenges facing Education. The intentional teamwork designed in the project sought to encourage the participants to become more generous in their learning and more appreciative of what others and themselves have to offer. Our last workshops focused on well-being , with parts covering tips and strategies to study smart, a slam therapy session, and lots of reflections. In the evenings, we spent lots of time getting to know each other through activities such as a movie night, charades, truth or dare ( moderated), and so much more. The project took place in Goree Island, a location that allowed for genuine bonding away from the noise of the outside world.

Bridging The Gap

Abdi Billie ‘25

Bridging The Gap aims at providing awareness on educational opportunities for 10-20 high school graduates in Wajir, a marginalized area where students have zero knowledge about higher educational opportunities out there. 

Warm Blood, Cold Lead

Hongyi Liu ‘24                                             Yu Yan ‘25

Warm Blood, Cold Lead data analysis project to help local children to address the problem of blood lead level. 

Food On The Way

Xinran Zhang ‘25                                    Xinyi Li ‘25

Food On The Way is a non-profit program to help people in the communities get more access to basic food needs by building physical free food pantries in the neighborhoods and operating online web platform, in order to address the food insecurity.

Eco Smart Vietnam 

Tri Bui ‘25

Eco Smart Vietnam is a youth organization that aims to raise young Vietnamese people’s awareness about eco-friendly products. The organization has 38 members in all three Vietnam regions, from North to South, in nearly ten cities. We have been operating for more than one and a half months, attracting more than 400+ followers on social networking sites.

Our website: Ecosmart.netlify,app

Provide Winter Supplies for People in Unfinished Dwellings

        William Wu ‘26                                Yanbing Pan ‘26

Provide winter supplies to people in unfinished dwellings is an international volunteer project that aims to promote social awareness and help people who live in unfinished dwellings by improving their living conditions to go through this cold winter.


Aliya Nadeeva ‘24

The Turkish term “koy” translates to “cove” in English—a secluded location for ships to dock while they wait out dangerous storms. These places of refuge are what Turkey, Fethiye in particular, became for thousands of Ukrainian refugees and Russian immigrants.In my project, I will be organising events to introduce refugees and immigrants to the Turkish culture. I will also develop a Chatbot for easy access to the relevant information regarding adaptation to to city of Fethiye and the legal processes.