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2023 MacNest Participants

Aahanaa Tibrewal ’25

Startup: Horto-Logic

We can grow plants faster and better, using much less water, by repurposing single-use plastic waste. The Water-Witch™ converts a waste Carbonated Soft Drink bottle into a plant survival device that supplies water and nutrients for up to 60 days. The device allows us to grow plants unattended, anywhere, using extremely small quantities of water. Applications include routine and vacation watering of houseplants, landscaping, agriculture and reforestation, including in arid environments.

Abdullah Farea ’26

Startup: DOCSI

DOCSI’s goal is to eliminate surgical waste by increasing the accuracy of surgical preference cards. An oft overlooked but critical component of surgical care in the United States, inaccurate preference cards contribute to billions of dollars in wasted healthcare spending every year. Our software attacks this problem by placing clear, intelligent recommendations into the hands of surgeons through an innovative mobile web dashboard.

Aiden Yang ’25

Startup: Groove Capital

Groove Capital is where entrepreneurs go to get their first institutional investment. By combining the power of an active angel network with a traditional venture fund, Groove accelerates the velocity to a startup’s first funding, while providing its investors with a platform and process to invest with confidence.

Trí Bui ’25

Startup: DetectAuto

We are a healthcare-focused startup that is aiming to streamline and improve the preoperative workflow primarily through the digitization and standardization of doctor preference cards (DPCs). Founded by a surgeon who experienced the pain of inaccurate preference cards firsthand, our company aims to improve the experience for all workers involved in the operative process while also improving levels of patient care and safety.

Christine Oduor ’25

Startup: Yorth Inc.

Yorth (old Norse for ‘earth’) provides expertise in the space of circular economy and restorative development. We assess for and create roadmaps for circular and restorative designs for city governments and companies alike. Restorative development ensures that the promise of economic growth is met with an equal amount of environmental and social health, and vise versa. In Iceland, we are designing a fully circular economic community (a new town from scratch); and in St. Paul, in the Rondo neighborhood, we are trusted for the neighborhood’s restorative vision. In this work, our focus is on regenerative urbanism, restorative mobility designs, smart city, net-zero energy/water/materials(waste), and restorative economic development.

Ilhaan Dhegadub ’26

Startup: Paadio Consulting

We are a social enterprise startup delivering training and resources to underserved Midwest communities. Our mission is to bridge the economic gap through professional and business development — empowered by building resources in marginalized communities. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging drive our value. We have empathy and a burning desire to improve the lives of Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), marginalized for so long. PAADIO is a catalyst for Economic Inclusion through creative Equity / Diversity / Inclusion / Belonging (EDIB) strategies with the vision of creating a strategic shift from dependency to prosperity for all.

Marvellous Ogunsola ’24

Startup: Feminist Book Club

Feminist Book Club is the premier online hub for all things intersectional literature. In addition to our signature monthly subscription box, we’re a media company and pop-up bookstore dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, queer folks, and BIPOC storytellers of all kinds.

Jay Tran ’24

Startup: Sparrow Charts

Sparrow is a data platform that allows marketers to sync their marketing insights directly to Google Sheets and Google Slides. Sparrow has over 1000 installs and 600 active users.

Rory Donaghy ’25

Startup: Saykid

SayKid is transforming how kids learn – and it doesn’t involve screens! Effectively, we build voice-interactive games to help kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way!

Sheida Rashidi Ardestani ’23

Startup: Easy EMDR

At Easy EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) we build powerful tools to empower therapists. We believe everyone can benefit from therapy but many folks for whom it is critical are unable to receive the care they need. Over half of Americans will experience a traumatic episode during their lifetime (National Center for PTSD). Since 2016, we have made digital tools to help therapists better reach and treat clients, both remote and in person. Over 8,500 therapists use our platform to deliver treatment through a secure video interface augmented with our digital BLS (Bilateral Stimulus) and iOS app.

Sylvain Zong-Naba ’25

Startup: BetterYou

BetterYou is a healthy habits companion that helps us find more time for social, physical, and mental health. The app automatically tracks health progress and provides redirection at the opportune moment (help people get a walk in when they’ve been stuck at their desk all day, or to sleep and get off email at 2am), improving overall health in the process.