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2018 Mac Startups Teams

2018 Mac Startups Teams

Muxue Kou ‘20, Mingcong Lyu ‘20, Meihua Pan ‘20

We are building an online community where prospective students of colleges and grad schools can engage with current students from those schools through Q&A and live-streaming. Aluminate offers a new way of doing school research during the application process. For prospective students, it saves time and money, gives comprehensive reviews, offers personal stories, and serves as a platform to build connections. It also gives current students a chance to give back to their schools and share their knowledge and their lessons learned.

Orion Dick-Neal ‘19, Sarah Matzdorf ‘18, Thomas Oriente ‘18

Cura aims to help universities and their students foster strong relationships with mental health care providers in their area. It is a web service where people can filter through our database of providers based on filters that they choose (i.e. insurance, therapist’s gender, specialization, and more) so that they can efficiently find the right help. Beyond that, our website plans to have additional functions such as an anonymous discussion board where the user community can provide support to each other and a daily log which can be shared with your professional to focus and maximize the in-person meeting times. Your care, our connections.

Duy Anh Nguyen ‘20, Son Phan ‘21, Nam Phung ‘20

Jot is an online social network made for writers centered around submitting and reviewing writing. Focused on snippet-style submissions in online writing circles, Jot allows writers regularly to submit a few sentences to a paragraph for critique from a global online circle or within their private circles and progressively build up into a full essay or story. Jot aims to make personal development in writing not only engaging and gratifying, but also timely and convenient for professional and aspiring writers alike.

Putt Pong
Swee Harrison, Graham Low, Claire O’Connor

Putt Masters is a simple putting golf game that people of all ages and abilities can safely play indoors. Two ‘backboards’ are provided to place on any indoor ground surface. Players must putt from a specified distance and get the golf ball in a certain mouse-hole-like spot on the board. Depending on the strength of the putt, players are assigned a different number of points. While our current focus is on golfers, we believe this game will be extremely popular among ages ranging from kids to adults looking for an engaging and active indoor new game.

Stay Woke Poetry
Kiante Miles ‘20, Carrigan Miller ‘19

Stay Woke Poetry believes that poetry can change the world. Our program teaches students how to communicate about controversial topics using poetry as the medium. We also help students develop their writing skills and provide them with a platform to share their stories with the world. Stay Woke Poetry is where conversation is the gateway to change.

Tournament Time
Andrew Hayes ‘19, Ethan Moskal ‘20

Diesel Applications’ first venture “Tournament Time” allows users to train their brain with the quintessential quick-hit mobile game that pays you to win. Tournament Time offers head to head, competitive gameplay in a tournament structure at fixed play times. Users have the opportunity to win real money through daily and weekly payouts.