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MacStartups 2020 Teams

My Kawaii Creature
Kanon Nakajima ’23, A’di Dust ’23, and Ifraah Dhegadub ’23

Often parents of young girls buy their children gendered products, but the only products for girls that focus on STEM are extremely expensive and often inappropriate for younger girls. My Kawaii Creature is an affordable build-your-own creature doll that builds STEM skills in little girls through creativity and play. The multi-color and textured fabrics are enticing for young girls and the different shaped blocks and holes stimulate spatial thinking.

Healthy Budget
Alice McGee ’22 and Max Dodge ’22

We frequently hear how students will budget only $100 dollars for groceries each month and end up eating instant noodles for every meal. We figured there has to be a way to eat healthy at an affordable price. Our MacStartups idea is a personal finance website that is specifically designed for college students. It helps young people make not only financially savvy choices but also pushes them to not sacrifice personal health in the process.

City Hauls
Tim Minot ’22 and Charlie Bonham ’23

Hello, we are City Hauls! City Hauls is a specialized marketplace for moving where customers with moving needs can compare moving companies and their rates.

Beech Ciderworks
Dylan Kulik ’20 and Serena Amdur ’20

Beech Ciderworks is a craft hard cidery that operates with sustainability at its core. We strive to create a product that stands apart using our delicious Michigan apples, but we also know that brewing can be a wasteful process. We want to close this loop and reuse what others consider waste, such as spent ingredients and CO2. What was waste can then become an asset that supports the ecosystem. One example of this is our cidery will take CO2 naturally created through the fermentation process and use it in our greenhouse where we will grow not only food for our workers, but also our bar snacks. This system will allow us to expand on our backgrounds in brewing, organic vegetable agriculture, and our self-honed culinary expertise to create an experience fully rooted in our land.

Every Body Period.
Isabel Meyer-Mueller ’20

Every Body Period. is the first gender-neutral, sustainable, and de-stigmatized menstruation subscription service – delivered directly to your door. And it has a buy one, give one model, so that with every purchase, a pouch is donated to a middle school student to help normalize periods!

Nathan Ngo ’22 and Lucy Tran ’23

iDetox is an app that motivates our community to break phone addiction, typically found in young generations, using peer pressure and money rewards system.

Raato Paailaa
Sivali Bhandary ’23

Raato Paailaa offers an educational toolkit and a digital platform for menstrual hygiene awareness and confidence building to encourage today’s youth to openly challenge the menstrual stigma.