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2021 Student Staff Alumni

Aidan Keefe
I love using my hands to shape what is around me. Working in the Idea Lab gives me the opportunity to do that. This is a space where if you can think it you can do it and that is what I love.

Malini Basu
I want to make the Idea Lab more inviting, less intimidating and open to everyone. I’m always willing to share tips on how to use materials or polish up a project. I’m especially handy with the sewing machines, so feel free to ask me for help!

Mphatso Simbao
I like making things and learning as I make. Through working in the idea lab I got to help with a lot of fun projects while meeting interesting people both on and off campus to share thoughts with. I highly recommend working here and taking part in the departments programming as you learn a lot of valuable skills to help you both academically and for practical pursuits.

Yukeria Haywood
Hi! My name is Yukeria Haywood and I am a senior International Studies and Anthropology double major. Outside of leading workshops and tinkering in the Idea Lab, I also am a member Women’s Soccer Team and teach a weightlifting class called Weightlifting for Women of Color. Ask me about: Raise A Hand, being a student athlete, or how to knit!

Neshua Aguilar
I thoroughly enjoy surrounding myself with creative people but more so encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone, and explore their artistic minds. The Idea Lab is the perfect place for those in search of creative incentives, and I am more than grateful to help anyone seeking entrepreneurial and/or artistic inspiration.

Alex Thomas
Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a junior from Kerala, India. I love working with physical and digital materials, whether it’s drawing in charcoal or designing a building in CAD or fixing a bike or coding a website. The Idea Lab represents a side of creativity that’s free and fluid and constantly growing, and I enjoy helping people realize that part of their own creative practice as well! Art and design have an important role in our futures, so I’m always thinking of how we integrate values of sustainability and care for the environment in our journeys as creatives.

Long Nguyen
I love using art to communicate my thoughts and to better my life and the community around me. Idea Lab has been a place for me to create, learn, exchange ideas and make meaningful connections.