Wallin Postdoctoral Fellow of Environmental Studies
Aquatic Ecology and Urban Ecosystem Science

Olin-Rice 158A

Professor Bratt is an ecosystem ecologist with expertise in aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, and urban ecosystem science. She is passionate about understanding the connected movement of water and elements (e.g., carbon, nutrients, metals) through ecosystems and its impact on the surrounding landscape. Her research ranges from modeling the effects of urban and agricultural development on water quality, to surveying algal blooms across urban and suburban lakes, to evaluating how the configuration of cities influences bird richness. Anika collaborates with students through classroom and independent research projects in the urban jungle as well as Minnesota’s many, many lakes.

Professor Bratt conducted postdoctoral research at Duke University and taught in the Environmental Studies Department at Davidson College.

  • BA in Biology, St. Catherine University, 2010
  • PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of MN-Twin Cities, 2017