Students may apply for the privilege of living in the Macalester French House, where daily conversation and interaction with native French speakers and other students of French both improve oral proficiency in French and develop increased understanding of culture and society in France and other French-speaking countries.

The French House is also the center of the French Department’s social and cultural activities. Residents must speak French, participate in the evening meal—which is at the heart of the communal French-speaking experience, agree to live cooperatively and respect the rights of the other residents, and participate in the programs of the French House.

French House activities are of two types: activities that occur on a regular basis that are initiated by the native speakers and the house residents and approved by the French Department faculty liaison; activities initiated by the French Department such as special conferences or lectures, receptions for students returning from study abroad, a breakfast for graduating seniors and their families, etc.

The Lab Instructors

The lab instructors residents’ role in the French House is to ensure that French is spoken, that students have an opportunity to learn about French culture, and that the house functions well; to coordinate between the department and the house; and to coordinate between the French House and the Office of Residental Life.