Welcome to the third floor of Old Main. I look forward to working with you.
I’ve provided the following FAQs for new faculty in response to questions that new faculty members have asked in prior years. If the answer to your question doesn’t appear here, please ask me. Maybe my reply to your question will become an addition to this list.

The Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching provides many resources for new faculty
The provost’s office maintains this web page of resources for non-tenure eligible faculty


Fall text orders are due by mid-April.
Spring text orders are due by early November.
You may place your order by contacting Carey Starr at
phone# 651-699-6169 or e-mail starr@macalester.edu
There are forms which Carey will send you if you contact her, or you can just place your order without the form. You’ll need to provide: your name, the course name, the course number, the enrollment limit, your contact information, the title, author and publisher. ISBNs are helpful.


PDFs of reading can be made available via your “Moodle” portal and are easily accessible to off-campus students.

PDFs can be created using our multi-function copier. You can create the PDFs yourself or have a student office assistant help you during the school year with at least a day’s notice. Your request can be made by leaving the book along with a request form in the office.

You may not use more than one chapter from any book or article from any journal, unless our library owns the publication. If our library owns the material it can be placed on Moodle without restriction. There is another restriction about repeated use that isn’t an issue in the case of new faculty, because you haven’t used Moodle here before. The library has a copyright permission service that they use to seek, and pay for, permission for materials deemed not in fair use. Permission can take up to 30 days.

Copyright information can be found at www.macalester.edu/library/copyright
Ask me for help with PDFs, The building AIA, at 651-696-6761 for help with using Moodle, or contact the library 651-696-6545, for questions about copyright rules.


The library will hold books/videos/paper copies at the desk for students in your classes. You submit your request to the library using this online form,  and the book will be pulled from the shelf, or in some cases you can drop off your own book/video or a photocopy, and then your students can check the item(s) out in two-hour increments.


All of the classrooms in Old Main and most classrooms on campus have an LCD media projector. In addition, Old Main has an IBM laptop (running Windows 7) and a portable LCD projector that is for shared use among the faculty and staff of Old Main and is meant for use only in classrooms. This equipment is stored in a locked cabinet in the Classics/History office. The equipment needs to be returned to the cabinet in the Classics/History office after each use.


You will receive a document from Telecommunications that includes your voice mail box number, password and directions for initiating and accessing your voice mail box after you are issued a Macalester ID.


Macalester’s “High Winds” office has housing rental options for incoming Staff/Faculty. They are also able to assist new employees moving into our area with neighborhood research, and information about Macalester programs and options for purchasing a home. Macalester has rental housing that is all very close to campus with options from one bedroom apartments to single-family homes. High Winds’ phone number is 651-696-6552.