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Hiring Temporary/Casual Employees

This process is reserved for individuals filling temporary or casual job roles. Generally, the individual has already been selected without a traditional recruiting process. If you have questions, please reach out to Stacy Peterson in Human Resources, who is currently managing this process.

  • Getting Started

    Gathering Information

    In order to submit this hiring request, you will need to provide some specific information.  It’s best to have that all gathered before initiating the hiring forms.  You will need:

    • Candidate’s legal name and personal email address
    • Job title and department
    • Start and end dates of the position itself, and total number of hours
      • Please note that you should not have a start date less than two weeks out
    • Position details such as job number, rate of pay and foapal
      • If this is in Academic Affairs, you will need to connect with Marga Miller in advance to streamline the process later on
      • To get the job number or foapal, please reach out to your supervisor or to Employment Services
    • Next Pay Date, and position status of exempt or non-exempt as well as the type of exempt classification if applicable

    You will also want to collect your candidate’s resume or CV and start updating the job description.  If you don’t have a copy of the job description. or if there isn’t one on file, reach out to Stacy for the most current version or a template.  You don’t need this information when filling out the status form, but you will be required to upload the documents to move the process forward.

  • Hiring the Candidate

    Completing the Status Form

    To get your candidate hired, you will need to complete the Temporary/Casual New Hire Status Form. You’ll need the information you collected to complete that form (see Getting Started, above).  Once you have filled out all the fields on that form and submitted it, it will go through a routing process that will include the candidate, and may include Academic Affairs.  As part of that process, you as the supervisor will also receive a request to upload documents.  Please upload the candidate’s resume or CV and the job description to complete that step.

    Completing the Hire

    Once the Temporary/Casual New Hire Status Form has been completed and signed by all parties and after the resume or CV and job description have been uploaded, Human Resources will be notified that the process is ready to move forward.  We will create a job opening in our hiring platform iCIMS, and use the candidate’s resume or CV and contact information to create a candidate profile for them in that platform.

    We’ll first send the candidate an offer confirmation letter, and then a background check via Orange Tree Employment Screening.  It generally takes two to four business days for those results to come back, but can take up to two full weeks.  We’ll let you know when we get those results back.  Then, we will send the candidate information on what onboarding tasks they need to complete, which relate to the onboarding profile and the Form I-9.

    Finally, after the candidate has completed their onboarding tasks, we will transition them to an employee and move them into our primary HRIS system. This step will allow the new employee to get a Mac ID number, and depending on timing, they may receive their username/email. During this time, it will be important for you to review the Hiring Managers Onboarding Checklist. Many of these tasks require you to have the Mac ID and/or email address, but it will help you plan accordingly.

  • First Day Responsibilities

    Employee Responsibilities

    Your new employee should arrive at Human Resources at about 9:00 a.m. (unless other arrangements have been made) to complete section 2 of the Form I-9.  This document is a required federal form that must be completed within 3 business days of their start date.  It requires the new employee to bring specific forms of identification with them on their first day.  If an employee does not complete it within this timeframe, we will be required to shut down their job until it has been completed.

    Hiring Manager Responsibilities

    Unless otherwise agreed upon, you or another colleague from your department should meet your new employee in Human Resources at 9:00 a.m.  This is to create a great first day experience as the new employee likely isn’t very familiar with campus.  It is important to be timely so you can give your new employee a good impression.  We also encourage all hiring managers to utilize the Supervisor’s New Employee Worksheet which you have received on the Preliminary New Hire Notification email, as an iCIMS onboarding task, and in the New Hire Notification email.  This worksheet lays out the responsibilities you hold as a supervisor for this employee’s first days here with us at Macalester.