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Application Review Process

The purpose of the application process is to support you in identifying a study away program that aligns with your aspirations for study away. A strong application demonstrates that the program you have selected provides coursework and other learning opportunities that facilitate your learning and personal growth.

Applications are reviewed by The Study Away Review Committee (SARC), which is composed of three voting members: the Associate Provost, the registrar, and a faculty member from the Educational Policy and Governance Committee (EPAG). The director of the Center for Study Away chairs SARC meetings. SARC reviews the applications on behalf of EPAG.

You should be aware that applying to a program on the Macalester Study Away Approved Programs List does not ensure approval by SARC. The committee reviews applications using established criteria and checks that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program for which you are seeking approval.

Application Details

You will submit your application for Macalester approval to study away through the Study Away online application system, which requires you to choose and apply for approval for a single program. 

You will submit information on the courses you plan to take, your preferred semester, your housing preference, and other details. In addition, you will be asked to respond to questions about your personal goals, learning opportunities available through the program, and your own intentions for engaging with your study away environment. You will also review relevant policies, procedures, and coursework approval information as part of the application process.

If you are submitting a Non-Approved Program Request, you will be asked to provide additional information about the program for which you are seeking approval, as well as your specific reasons for choosing a program that is not on the Macalester Approved Study Away Program List.

Evaluation Criteria for the Study Away Application

  • The student meets all Macalester eligibility requirements for study away.
  • The student’s record shows evidence of preparation (e.g. GPA, relevant coursework) appropriate to the proposed program.
  • The proposed course of study is a relevant extension of the student’s academic, career, and personal goals as part of their Macalester education or an exploration of new academic interests unavailable to them at Macalester.
  • The proposed program or university is accredited or otherwise approved for credit by the Macalester Registrar and provides sufficient student support as determined by Study Away staff.
  • The student’s application demonstrates that the program provides opportunities to build Intellectual Independence and self-awareness.
  • The students application demonstrates how their participation in the program offers opportunities for cultural learning, participation in applied experiences, language learning, or enhanced learning through curricular opportunities unavailable at Macalester.When evaluating applications for study away, the Study Away Review Committee will take into consideration whether the program demonstrates advancement in the student’s academic trajectory.

Appeal Details

In cases where students wish to appeal a decision made by SARC, a written appeal must be submitted to the director of Academic Programs. After ensuring the appeal includes all the relevant facts pertinent to the decision and articulates a rationale for appealing, the director of Academic Programs will send the appeal to the Provost, who will decide the question. The Provost’s decision is final.  

Typically, only appeals that relate to curricular issues that arise after SARC’s review will be considered. Housing arrangements and off-campus jobs will not be taken into account.

Students seeking to appeal must submit a written statement to the director of Academic Programs by the date outlined in the letter notifying them of SARC’s decision. Emailed appeals are acceptable. Students with questions about the appeals process (including whether their circumstances warrant an appeal) should contact the Center for Study Away ([email protected]).