Angels in America, Part I: Millennium Approaches

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“It is my great pleasure to welcome you back to our Theater after such a long hiatus – the last time we gathered in this space was two years ago, in the fall 2019.

We meet again to witness Tony Kushner’s seminal Angels in America. As it holds a mirror up to 1980s America and the negligence of the Reagan administration towards those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, this award-winning play proves especially relevant now, as the nation grapples with the politics surrounding COVID-19.

This production of Angels in America connects different times and generations in more ways than one. As you will read in the program, our cast and crew consists of a wonderful mixture of students, from seniors to first-years. The artistic team also counts on alumni, staff, and guest artists, but I highlight the collaboration between Faye Price ’77, selected as the 2021 McKnight Distinguished artist Award, and Alice Endo ’22, who designed the set for Angels in America in partial fulfillment for the requirements for Honors in Theater and Dance.

I am grateful for the work of all individuals involved in creating the Theater and Dance Department’s Angels in America and for the joy of live performance.”

Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento, Chair and Professor of Theater and Dance


Thursday, November 4th at 7:30pm

Friday, November 5th at 7:30pm

Saturday, November 6th at 2pm and 7:30pm

Sunday, November 7th at 2pm


Kalala Kiwanuka-Woernle ’22 (she/her)

The Angel 

Ndunzi JB Kunsunga ’22 (he/him)


Zoe Grigsby ’23 (she/her)

Hannah Pitt/Rabbi/Henry/Ethel Rosenberg

Anna Margaret Schloerb ’23 (she/her)


Lucas Eggers ’25 (he/they)

Joe Pitt

Louie Siegel ’24  (he/him)


John Oatney ’23 (he/him)

Prior Walter/Man in the Park

Jacob ‘Coby’ Aloi ’22

Roy Cohn/Prior II

Artistic Staff

Faye M. Price ’77 Director
Sarah Bahr Costume Designer
Eric M. C. Gonzalez Sound Designer
Alice Endo ’22 Scenic Designer
Thomas Barrett Lighting Designer/Technical Director
Sandy Zhao ’23 Prop Designer
Kenji Shoemaker ’16 Stage Manager

Production Staff

Brian Fox Technical Assistant
Trevor Zapiecki Technical Assistant
Lily Turner ’24 Assistant Costume Designer
Lucas Martin ’24 Assistant Prop Designer/Automation Operator
Miles Latham ’24 Assistant Stage Manager
Rene’e Gonzales ’24 Assistant Stage Manager
Jake Davis Associate Sound Designer
Jessica Chen ’25 Assistant Sound Designer
Jamie McPherson ’10 Intimacy/Fight Coordinator
Mina Kinukawa Honors Advisor
Jill Lile Choreographer
Jo Holcomb Dramaturg
Keely Wolter Dialect Coach
Rabbi Emma Kipley-Ogman Jewish Content Consultant
Patina Todd ’25 Run Crew
Chiara Guglielmo ’25 Run Crew
Lu Chen ’22 Wardrobe
Kai Yamanishi ’25 Wardrobe
Louise Yang ’25 Wardrobe
Lizzie Nelson ’25 Sound Board Operator
Kyra Layman ’25 Light Board Operator
Jennifer Huang ’22 Publicity and Box Office
Malyn Banitt-Moore ’22 Publicity and Box Office
Angus Fraser ’22 Publicity and Box Office