THDA 294-01: Auditions. Selection. Deconstruction. Memorization. Presentation. Evaluation. Celebration. Theatre and performance techniques for getting cast in stage, television, film and video productions as well as commercials. These are important elements for any number of career paths. Consider the myriad of ways you present yourself, the awareness you have of yourself and how others perceive you. This connects to upcoming/ongoing hiring and first impressions. These are key elements in job interviews. Throughout the course you will be learning and sharing techniques to select appropriate texts, monologues and/or scenes to address any number of topics. In addition, we will be bringing in professional casting and commercial agents to review and advise your work. This is an opportunity to prepare for Graduate School – URTAS (for MFA auditions usually occurring in Jan, Feb, and March around the country.)

Course Objectives

  1. How to break down a monologue or scene for presentation
  2. Comfort in front of reviewers, producers, directors, casting directors, employers
  3. Understanding how choices of material are appropriate
  4. Recognizing options to address your impact on career choices
  5. Confidence with ongoing success or failure as part of life/career


  1. Beats, units, clear and powerful choices will be addressed
  2. Invitation to outside “eyes’ as a learned opportunity
  3. Selection of pieces to study presented by peers as well as professionals; presentations, readdressing notes and then re-presentations
  4. Examining seasons of theaters, television series, web-series, film projects
  5. Discover histories of casting, hiring,, firing and reimagining


A significant piece of the student commitment:

  • Participation: 40%
  • Memorization: 20%
  • Breakdown of scripts/monologues: 30%
  • Journal: 10%