Solo Dance Performances

A collaboration between the Spring 2022 Dance Composition and Lighting Design classes.

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April 29th at 7:30pm

April 30th at 2:00pm & 7:30pm

Dance Composition

Wynn Fricke (instructor)
Nibia Becerra Santillan ’25
Carissa Bolante ’25
Tess Dooley ’24
Emilia Garrido Vasquez ’23
Anna Greenstein ’23
Ndunzi Kunsunga ’22
Holiday O’Bryan ’24
Lila Wallach ’25
Cassie Wright ’25

Lighting Design

Wu Chen Khoo (instructor)
Jessica Chen ’25
Kellen Chenoweth ’24
Rene’e Gonzales ’24
Lucas Martin ’24
Arthur Motoyama ’24
Ariadne Smith ’23
Hawa Turray ’22
Shouayee Vue ’22
Kai Yamanishi ’25

Production Staff

Birdie Keller ’25 Stage Manager, Sound & Light Board Operator
Laura Sullivan ’25 Assistant Stage Manager



Choreography: Holiday O’Bryan ’24

Music: original composition by Nick Suchomel ’25

Lighting: Kai Yaminishi ’25

Costume: Marisa Luft ’25


Choreography: Carissa Bolante ’25

Music: “Now” by Goldmund

Lighting: Ariadne Smith ’23

Costume: Miles Latham ’24

Into the Reflection

Choreography: L Wallach ’25

Music: “Losing My Religion” by REM

Lighting: Jessica Chen ’25

Costume: Rachel Warshaw ’22

Through Snippets

Choreography: Tess Dooley ’24

Music: “Avalanche” by Just Friends

Lighting & Costume: Rene’e Gonzales ’24


Choreography: Nibia Becerra Santillan ’25

Music: “This is not America” by Residente and Ibeyi

Lighting & Costume: Arthur Motoyama ’24

The Sky is the Wrong Color

Choreography: Cassie Wright ’25

Music: “Elevate” by Kisnou

Lighting & Costume: Shouayee Vue ’22

Star Jumper

Choreography: Ndunzi Kunsunga ’22

Music: “Destati/Dive to the Heart” by Yoko Shimumura, “Carioca” by Tito Puente, “Sika” by Blxckie, and “Sunflower” by Swae Lee

Lighting: Kellen Chenoweth ’24

Costume: Rachel Warshaw ’22

Despite the Anthropocene

Choreography: Anna Greenstein ’23

Music: “Nano” from Man from Mars

Lighting: Lucas Martin ’24

Costume: Marisa Luft ’25

I used to live in the mountains (the descent towards the sea)

Choreography: Emilia Garrido Vasquez ’23

Music: “De la Montaña al Mar,” origina composition by Matías Cevallos and “Periódico de Ayer” by Héctor Lavoe

Lighting: Hawa Turay ’22

Costume: Miles Latham ’24