Fall Dance Concert 2017: Ghost Light

November 17-18, 2018
Main Stage Theater

Faculty member Patricia Brown pays homage to beauty in her African-based ensemble work, Beautiful, danced to Sowah Mensah’s “2nd Bes.” We were here, choreographed by Krista Langberg, is performed against a backdrop of unpolished amateur images of an unpolished space about to disappear. Brian J. Evans’ The Fullness of Unraveled Selves is set in the space just behind the heart, where we seek to know ourselves through others. Just Her Time, choreographed by Wynn Fricke, reflects on grief as sacred space, inspired by the spare and elegant music of David Lang.

Student works include that of Midori Hasegawa ’19, whose dance reflects on resolving internal conflicts.  Sagittal Slice, choreographed by Shaylene McCue ’18, uses the vocabulary of contemporary ballet to frame the human side of the scientific process.  Yuri Smith’s ’18 dancers navigate trust and power, and empathy stripped away.  Oya Come Down, choreographed by Nteranya Arnold Sanginga ’19, takes inspiration from Oya, Goddess of Storms, from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Running on Empty, choreographed by Meghan Johnson ’19, examines the relationship between women and body.

Choreographers: Patricia Brown, Brian J. Evans, Meghan Johnson, Yuri Masamoto Smith, Wynn Fricke, Midori Hasegawa, Nteranya Arnold Sanginga, Shaylene McCue, Krista Langberg, Linnea Fox

Creative Team

Wynn Fricke Artistic Director, Faculty Advisor
Lynn Farrington Costume Designer and Assistance
Tom Barrett Technical Director
Wu Chen Khoo Lighting Designer
Max Danielwicz Stage Manager
Jill Lile Faculty Advisor