The Cradle Will Rock

by Mark Blitzstein
Directed by Harry Waters Jr.

November 6-8, 2014

“The Cradle Will Rock”, a collaboration between the Theatre and Dance Department and the Music Department, is set in 1937 Steeltown, reminiscent of old time Chicago. This show brilliantly emphasizes the divide between laborers and proprietors through the contrast of Mr. and Mrs. Mister, the excessively lavish and corrupt first couple of Steeltown, whose hands are in every institution, against the grungy lives of the unionizers led by Larry Foreman, the confident and incendiary union organizer. This musical drama illuminates the social, political, and economic chaos in the United States after the Great Depression, when unemployment, government corruption, and greed ran rampant.


Zachary Anderson Gent/Reporter 1/Ensemble
Ilana Budenosky Yasha
Julia Christensen Reverend Salvation
Cassidy Foust Sister Mister
Isaac Gamoran Steve/Ensemble
Gillian Gold Bugs/Ensemble
Bridget Gustafson Dauber
Emily Gustafson President Prexy
Patrick Hegdahl Larry Foreman
Lawrence Henry Marc Blitzstein
Alec Jackson Trixie
Anika Kulander Moll
Elena Lindstrom Reporter 2/Ensemble
Stefanie Messer Ella Hammer
Noah Nieting Jr. Mister
Emily Sanford Dr. Specialist
Sierra Sater Dick/Ensemble
Rafael Schneider Harry Drugist
Hannah Silverman Editor Daily
Spike Sommers Gus Polock/Ensemble
John Stark Mr. Mister
Kenneth Tivey Clerk/Ensemble
Hannah Viederman Professor Mamie
Amanda Wareham Sadie/Ensemble
Andrea Wilhelm Professor Scoot/Ensemble
Niara Williams Cop/Ensemble
Judith Wodzak Mrs. Mister

Creative Team

Harry Waters Jr. Director
Mark Mandarano Music Director
Wynn Fricke Choreographer
Joseph Stanley Set Designer
John R. Keyser Lighting Designer
Laura Nichols Vocal Director
Michael McGaghie Choral Director
Lynn Farrington Costume Designer
Maria McNamara Properties Designer
Tom Barrett Technical Designer
Nora Spellane ’16 Stage Manager