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Choreographed and Performed by Adar Kamholtz-Roberts.

Presented for partial fulfillment of Honors in Theater and Dance.

This project is a site-specific dance that takes place in a men’s bathroom on Macalester campus. I created this work out of my research on site-specific dance and performance theorist José Esteban Muñoz’s theory of queer utopia. I attempt to treat the bathroom as a dance partner, negotiating what movement and freedom is possible in everyday spaces where gender is scripted and controlled.


Cast and Creative Team

Adar Kamholtz-Roberts
Adar Kamholtz-Roberts (he/him) ’21
Lynn Farrington
Lynn Farrington (she/her) Costume Designer
Wynn Fricke
Wynn Fricke (she/her) Faculty Advisor
Sierra Campbell
Sierra Campbell (they/them) ’21 Cinematographer