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“I wrote this play in the Spring of 2013, out of a need to process America’s propensity for waging foreign wars and our collective culpability within an ever-growing climate crisis. Nearly ten years later, we’re once again struggling to process the horrors of war, and our climate crisis has grown unbearably urgent.

Despite those obvious similarities, our culture has also changed many times over, and at warp speed. I was writing during Obama’s second term, when the dominant political mood for liberals was one of optimism and belief in progress. I wanted to
point to some harder truths about the violence, cultural dominance, and resource consumption underpinning our global leadership. I had grown up as a U.S. military kid in Germany, so I was particularly attuned to how long we’d continuously been at war abroad—and I knew that how other countries see us is not always so flattering.

This is serious stuff, but Thunderbodies is a zen paradox of a play: A wild, joyful carnival that embraces and celebrates messy, imperfect, out-of-control clown energy—even as it ultimately critiques the real-world consequences of a country having too much power. I wrote it with a both/and mindset, and I wrote it with love: Love for everything that’s wrong with us. Love for our subconscious, lower body energies that so often get the best of us. Love for our vulnerable, uncontrollable embodiment… I was taking my first clown class when I wrote this play, while also recovering from major surgery on a broken foot. The characters in this play are stuck because they’re at war with the world and with themselves.

Please embrace your own thunderbody, and enjoy the show.”

Kate Tarker, Playwright


Friday, April 8 at 7:30pm

Saturday, April 9 at 7:30pm

Sunday, April 10 at 2:00pm

Thursday, April 14 at 7:30pm

Saturday, April 16 at 2:00pm and 7:30pm


Lucy McNees ’25 (she/her)


Zoe Grigsby ’24 (she/her)


Louie Siegel ’24 (he/him)


Kalala Kiwanuka-Woernle ’22 (she/her)


Kiran Arquin ’22 (he/him)

President #1

Marisa Luft ’25 (they/them)

President #2

Talia Ostacher ’25 (she/they)

President #3

Artistic and Production Staff

Vladimir Rovinsky Director
Patrick Coy Bjork ’23 Assistant Director
Thomas Barrett Technical Director
Mina Kinukawa Set Designer
Luka Fraase ’22 Assistant Set Designer
Jenny Li ’23 Assistant Set Desginer
Wu Chen Khoo Lighting Designer
MaryBeth Gagner Costume Designer
Meg Allen ’24 Assistant Costume Designer
Dan Dukich Sound Designer
Lucas Martin ’24 Assistant Sound Designer
Jessica Chen ’25 Prop Designer
Miles Latham ’24 Assistant Prop Designer
Constance Brevell Stage Manager
Birdie Keller ’25 Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Sullivan ’25 Assistant Stage Manager
Barbra Berlovitz Voice Coach
Jessica Chen ’25 Poster Designer
Ariadne Smith ’25 Light Board Operator
Arthur Motoyama ’24 Sound Board Operator
Kyra Layman ’25 Backstage Crew
Thant Arkar Kyaw ’24 Backstage Crew
Emilia Garrido Vasquez ’23 Wardrobe